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This page was a sub-page of Velobici's home page. It is not yet a list of Japanese player names in Japanese but rather a list of Chinese translations of Japanese player names.

Japanese Player Names A list of names since we can not type kanji into the search box and get results.

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20080914: Possible [ext] source. Page was created 20 March 2008, six months ago. I have forgotten which web page was used. A number of misspellings have been corrected by others over the intervening period of time. I can state clearly and without hesitation that the source was not GoGoD. To the best of my knowledge, GoGoD does not have a single web page that lists Japanese players, their names romanized and their names in Chinese characters.

Japanese Players can be found on [ext], set nationality to 'Japan'.

Bob McGuigan: Readers of the Japanese names list here should know that the characters used are for the most part Chinese, not Japanese. Simplified Chinese characters are used which are not part of Japanese. I'm guessing that the list was compiled by someone who was reading a lot of Chinese translations of Japanese books and who wanted to have a reference for players' names found there. For that purpose the list is very useful but for reading Japanese books this list will not be much help.

tapir: Shall we keep the chinese marked as such and add the japanese? Multi-language list for japanese players/other go-related-people? I am ready to prepare a table for all, but I don't know either language so an indication which one is Chinese which one Japanese would be helpful. Overall the kanji given are Chinese right now, aren't they?

Bob McGuigan: It might be useful to have a list with the names in English letters, Japanese characrters, Chinese characters and Korean characters. Such a list would be useful for people who don't read a language but have books of games in that language, say a English speaker who doesn't read Chinese but has a copy of a Chinese translation of a Japanese game collection. They would have to do a name by name search if they have the characters and want the English letter version. Seems like a lot of work for a fairly small group of readers. Maybe not worth it? I came across the present list when Velobici edited it and it appeared on Recent Changes. I noticed that some of the names were in the "wrong" characters and changed them. That caused someone to object because I had used a Japanese character set and the list is in a Chinese character set. As it is now the Chinese character versions of the names are only useful for people reading Chinese books, not Japanese books. The pages for the individual palyers have the Japanese character versions of their names.

valerio: in 2007 I published a [ext] ist named "Professionisti Giapponesi (versione di prova)" in simplified and traditional chinese characters (traditional chinese is similar to japanese). You can use this list, if you want.

tchan001 I think if valerio already has a list of Japanese names in simplified and traditional Chinese that the current SL list should be replaced with names in Japanese kanji. The reason we should have the list in Japanese kanji rather than Chinese characters is that it is difficult to use the list with Japanese websites which do not recognize some of the Chinese characters as the name of the Japanese pros. It makes no sense to have a list of Japanese names which does not work well with Japanese websites. For example, when you want to find books by certain Japanese authors, using Chinese characters will not return anything when you search with I propose we should work on changing the list to reflect the correct Japanese kanji rather Chinese characters.

tapir: adding japanese while keeping chinese letters seems a good idea to me. it should just be clear which is what. (knowing neither language i fear i can't be a big help. marking with jp,sc,tc or something to this end may help. though i can later make a table out of it.) i understand this list as an index for professional players pages (at SL) with an integrated reading help for go books. (Those who know the languages won't use the list to decipher chinese or japanese go books anyway. For the rest this may be helpful.)

tchan001 I am starting to add the Japanese kanji followed by the marking (jp). I will try to verify the kanji by making sure the name appears on Japanese websites. The Japanese kanji will immediately follow the English name and the Chinese versions will be placed after the Japanese kanji. I will be adding the Japanese kanji even if it's the same as the Chinese version so we can see that work has been done on the name.



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  • Fujii Shuya 藤井秀哉 (jp) 藤井秀哉
  • Fujiki Hitomi 藤木人見 (jp) 藤木人见
  • Fujimura Yoshikatsu 藤村芳勝 (jp) 藤村芳胜
  • Fujisawa Hideyuki 藤沢秀行 (jp) 藤泽秀行 {original name 藤沢保 (jp)藤泽保}
  • Fujisawa Hosai 藤沢朋斎 (jp) 藤泽朋斋
  • Fujisawa Kazunari 藤沢一就 (jp) 藤泽一就
  • Fujisawa Kuranosuke 藤沢庫之助 (later 藤沢朋斎) (jp) 藤泽库之助 (i.e., 藤泽朋斋)
  • Fujisawa Rina 藤沢 里菜 (jp)
  • Fujisawa Shuko 藤沢秀行 (jp) 藤泽秀行 (unofficial name?)
  • Fujita Goro 藤田悟郎 (jp) 藤田悟郎
  • Fujita Toyojiro 藤田豊次郎 (jp) 藤田丰次郎
  • Fujiwara Katsuya 藤原克也 (jp) 藤原克也
  • Fukuda Masayoshi 福田正義 (jp) 福田正义
  • Fukuhara Yoshitora 福原義虎 (jp) 福原义虎
  • Fukui Masaaki 福井正明 (jp) 福井正明
  • Fukui Susumu 福井進 (jp) 福井进
  • Funaki Hitoshi? 舟木仁 Can someone verify that this person is a go professional? I can't find him on any Japanese sites as a go player. There is such a guy as an inventor and patent holder. I can't find any sgf with him either. The only references to him as a go player is the same list over and over again without any other sources to confirm him as a go professional.
  • Furuta Naoyoshi 古田直義 (jp) 古田直义
  • Furuya Yutaka 古谷裕 (jp) 古谷裕
  • Gaku Yuzuru 額謙 (jp) 额谦
  • Gennan Inseki 幻庵因碩 (jp) 幻庵因硕 (a.k.a. Hashimoto Intetsu 橋本因徹 (jp), Hattori Rittetsu 服部立徹 (jp) 服部立彻, Inoue Ansetsu 井上安節 (jp))
  • Goto Shoji? 後藤昌治 (jp) 後藤昌治
  • Goto Shungo 後藤俊午 (jp) 後藤俊午









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