Fujisawa Hosai

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Fujisawa Hosai (藤沢朋斎)

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Fujisawa Hosai (藤沢朋斎, originally Fujisawa Kuranosuke (藤沢庫之助), 5 March 1919 - 2 August 1993) was a Japanese, professional, 9-dan.He was one of the leading players of his day, and is also known for his frequent use of mane-go as White. Though six years older, he was the nephew of Fujisawa Shuko.

Fujisawa was born in March 1919 in Yokohama. In May 1949, he became the first player to reach 9-dan under the Oteai system. There were no other 9-dans at that time (Shusai having died in 1940), and Fujisawa was therefore the highest ranked go player in the world until Go Seigen's promotion in February 1950.

Fujisawa had won a previous jubango (1942-1944) against Go Seigen. However, in that match Fujisawa held the handicap of black throughout. During 1951 and 1952, Fujisawa played a second jubango against Go Seigen. Unfortunately, he lost with a lopsided score of 2-7 and 1 jigo and was consequently forced down to a handicap of sen-ai-sen.

The following year, he lost a third and final jubango to Go Seigen with a score of 1-5. As a result, Fujisawa was forced down to a handicap of josen (Black in every game), and the jubango was terminated early to avoid further embarrassment.

Because Fujisawa had been so obsessed with beating Go Seigen, he grossly neglected his responsibilities toward the Nihon Ki-in, and he subsequently resigned from the Kiin and changed his given name to Hosai.

Fujisawa returned to the Nihon Ki-in in 1959. He won several titles, including the Oza in 1958 and the Judan in 1964. He retired in 1992, and died on 2 August 1993.

Fujisawa is well known as mane-go player. He used mane-go strategy often as white. He is also very good at invading moyo. He was also famed for playing slowly, and had once taken 213 minutes to play one move.[ext] http://www.msoworld.com/mindzine/news/orient/go/special/hashifuji/hashifuji1.html

His pupils were Oka Nobumitsu and his nephew Kojima Takaho.

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