Takagi Shoichi

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Takagi Shoichi (高木祥一 Takagi Shōichi, born 1943, retired 2022) is a retired Nihon Ki-in professional Go player. Pupil of Nakagawa Shinji.

Takagi, who reached 9-dan in 1981, is a noted "stylist" on the board, with a keen sense on good shape and efficiency of stones. Takagi is the author of many books including Beyond Forcing Moves, a modern edition of Igo Myoden (by Gennan Inseki) and "Gohwan Jowa" (剛腕丈和, Powerful Fighter Jowa).

Takagi has won four Kido Prizes.

  • 1972: Most Wins (30), shared with Kato Masao.
  • 1972: Best Winning Percentage (73.2%)
  • 1976: Best Winning Streak (13)
  • 1984: Technique

From the Power Report when he retired:

Takagi Shoichi retired as of January 20 (2022). Born in Yokohama City on November 7, 1943, he became a disciple of the late Nakagawa Shinshi[1] 7-dan in 1956. He made 1-dan in 1962 and reached 9-dan in 1981. He won three titles: the 13th Prime Minister's Cup (1969), the 2nd New Stars [2] (1970), and the 19th Prime Minister's Cup (1975). He challenged unsuccessfully for the 11th Judan (1973). He played in the Meijin League three times and the Honinbo League four times. His lifetime record is 989 wins, 626 losses, 4 jigo. He has written four [3] books about go.

[1] Nakagawa Shinji [2] Shin-ei Tournament [3] In fact, at least ten.

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