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bugcat: I'd like to open a discussion into how to interpret Japanese on websites like the Nihon Kiin and Kansai Kiin sites, and the Japanese Wikipedia.

There's a lot of Go information on the Japanese internet, often being stored in quite structured formats. If we could compile info here on how to access that data then it would be easier for deshi who aren't proficient in Japanese to create and maintain SL articles, or just to read from the source.

I suggest seeing the Japanese era conversion table for a start. 年 = year.

For player names, we have my Japanese pros list, DuEm's Wikipedia-ripped list of Japanese professionals, and the traditional list of Japanese names.

1-9 in Japanese (eg. in dan ranks) is 一, 二, 三, 四, 五, 六, 七, 八, 九. 段 = dan.

回 seems to mean an edition of a tournament or prizegiving.

Kansai Kiin profile

The following are given on a Kansai Kiin profile (Sada Atsushi).

Japanese English
趣味 Hobbies
特技 Special skill(s)
星座 Zodiac sign
血液型 Blood type
家族構成 Family structure
好きな芸能人又はタイプ something about a favourite celebrity
性格 Personality
好きなもの Likes
嫌いなもの Dislikes
ストレス解消法 no idea
囲碁を始めたきっかけ reason for starting Go?
もしプロ棋士になっていなかったら no idea
棋風 Playing style
勉強方法 Study method
対局前日の過ごし方 something about players of the past
対局で負けた後の過ごし方 ditto
好きな言葉 favourite proverb?
囲碁とは a quote about Go?
目標 Goal
ファンへの一言 comment for fans?
HP・ブログ等 homepage?
普段活動している場所(指導場所等) not even gonna try this one

The Nihon Kiin site has 性別 (gender), 棋士段位 (professional dan rank), 出身地 (home town / prefecture) and 所属 (affiliation).

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