Big Titles

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The big titles, or major titles, traditionally refer to seven major, professional, Japanese domestic titles. Since the growth of professional tournament go across the rest of Asia, the term big title has since been expanded to include any title of significant history, prize money, or perceived importance at the domestic or international level.

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Big Titles, Domestic

China Japan Korea Taiwan
Bawang/Lebaishi Cup (Discontinued) -- -- --
Chang-ki Cup -- -- --
-- Gosei -- --
-- Honinbo -- --
-- Judan Siptan Shiduan
Guoshou (Discontinued) -- Kuksu Guoshou
Mingren Meijin Myeongin Taiwan Mingren (Discontinued)/ Taiwan Mingren Championship
National Go Individual (former big title)[4] -- -- --
NEC Cup China (Discontinued) -- -- --
New Sports Cup/Daguoshou tournament (Discontinued) -- -- --
-- Oza Wangwi (Discontinued) Wangzuo
-- -- P'aewang (Discontinued) --
-- -- Prices Information Cup --
Qisheng (Discontinued)/Luoyang Longmen Qisheng Kisei Kiseong (Discontinued) Qisheng (Discontinued)/Zhonghuan Cup (Discontinued)/Zhonghuan Qisheng
Quzhou-Lanke Cup -- -- --
-- -- Techron Cup?/Korean LG Cup/GS Caltex Cup --
Tianyuan Tengen Bacchus Cup/Ch'eonweon Tianyuan
5 7 6 5

Big Titles, Domestic, Women's

China Japan Korea Taiwan
-- All-Japan Women's Championship (Discontinued)/ Women's Honinbo -- --
Jianqiao Cup -- -- --
National Go Individual, Women's -- -- --
Old Women's Mingren/Women's Mingren/Huang Longshi Women's Mingren Women's Meijin Women's Myeongin
-- Women's Kisei -- --
-- -- Women's Kuksu --
3 3 2 --

Big Titles, International

Bailing Cup
BC Card Cup (Discontinued)
Chunlan Cup
Fujitsu Cup (Discontinued)
Ing Cup
LG Cup
Mlily Cup
Samsung Cup
Tong Yang Securities Cup (Discontinued)
World Oza (Discontinued)

China Big Title Winners

Year National Go Individual New Sports Cup/
Guoshou Tianyuan Mingren Qiwang/
Weifu Fangkai Cup
Lebaishi Cup
NEC Cup China Qisheng/
Luoyang Longmen Qisheng
Chang-ki Cup Quzhou-Lanke Cup
1957 1st Guo Tisheng
1958 2nd Liu Dihuai
1959 3rd Liu Dihuai
1960 4th Huang Yongji
1961 --
1962 5th Guo Tisheng
1963 --
1964 6th Chen Zude
1965 --
1966 7th Chen Zude
1967 --
1968 --
1969 --
1970 --
1971 --
1972 --
1973 --
1974 8th Chen Zude
1975 9th Nie Weiping
1976 10th Nie Weiping
1977 11th Nie Weiping
1978 12th Nie Weiping
1979 13th Nie Weiping 1st Nie Weiping
1980 14th Liu Xiaoguang 2nd Nie Weiping
1981 15th Nie Weiping 3rd Nie Weiping 1st Nie Weiping
1982 16th Ma Xiaochun 4th Nie Weiping 2nd Ma Xiaochun
1983 17th Nie Weiping 5th Nie Weiping 3rd Shao Zhenzhong
1984 18th Ma Xiaochun 6th Ma Xiaochun 4th Chen Linxin
1985 19th Fang Tianfeng 7th Ma Xiaochun 5th Ma Xiaochun
1986 20th Ma Xiaochun 8th Cao Dayuan 6th Liu Xiaoguang
1987 21st Ma Xiaochun 9th Yu Bin 7th Chen Linxin 1st Ma Xiaochun
1988 22nd Qian Yuping 10th Nie Weiping (Discontinued) 2nd Liu Xiaoguang 1st Liu Xiaoguang
1989 23rd Wang Jianhong 11th Nie Weiping 3rd Liu Xiaoguang 2nd Ma Xiaochun 1st Qian Yuping
1990 24th Liu Xiaoguang 12th Nie Weiping 4th Liu Xiaoguang 3rd Ma Xiaochun
1991 25th Ma Xiaochun 13th Chen Linxin 5th Nie Weiping 4th Ma Xiaochun 2nd Nie Weiping
1992 26th Shao Weigang 14th Yu Bin 6th Nie Weiping 5th Ma Xiaochun 3rd Ma Xiaochun
1993 27th Zhang Wendong 1st Ma Xiaochun 7th Liu Xiaoguang 6th Ma Xiaochun 4th Ma Xiaochun
1994 28th Cao Dayuan 2nd Ma Xiaochun 8th Ma Xiaochun 7th Ma Xiaochun 5th Ma Xiaochun
1995 29th Chang Hao (Discontinued) 9th Ma Xiaochun 8th Ma Xiaochun 6th Ma Xiaochun 1st Cao Dayuan
1996 30th Zhou Heyang 10th Ma Xiaochun 9th Ma Xiaochun 2nd Ma Xiaochun 1st Cao Dayuan
1997 31rd Ding Wei 11th Chang Hao 10th Ma Xiaochun 3rd Wang Lei Sr. 2nd Shao Weigang
1998 32nd Qiu Jun 12th Chang Hao 11th Ma Xiaochun 4th Chang Hao 3rd Chang Hao
1999 33rd Zhou Heyang 13th Chang Hao 12th Ma Xiaochun 5th Chang Hao 4th Zhou Heyang 1st Chang Hao
2000 34th Luo Xihe 14th Chang Hao 13th Ma Xiaochun 7th Yu Bin 6th Chang Hao 5th Shao Weigang 2nd Zhou Heyang
2001 35th Kong Jie 15th Chang Hao 14th Ma Xiaochun 8th Yu Bin 7th Chang Hao 6th Luo Xihe 3rd Yu Bin
2002 36th Xie He 16th Huang Yizhong 15th Zhou Heyang 8th Chang Hao 7th Chang Hao (Discontinued)
2003 37th Kong Jie 17th Gu Li 16th Qiu Jun 1st Nie Weiping (Discontinued) 8th Wang Lei Sr.
2004 38th Qiu Jun 18th Gu Li 17th Gu Li 9th Gu Li 1st Kong Jie
2005 39th Chen Yaoye 19th Gu Li 18th Gu Li 2nd Kong Jie 10th Chang Hao 2nd Zhou Heyang
2006 40th Wang Xi 20th Gu Li 19th Gu Li 11th Gu Li 3rd Kong Jie 1st Yu Bin
2007 41st Zhang Li 21st Gu Li 20th Gu Li 3rd Hu Yaoyu 12th Qiu Jun 4th Gu Li
2008 42nd Sun Tengyu 22nd Gu Li 21st Gu Li 4th Zhou Ruiyang 13th Gu Li 5th Qiu Jun 2nd Gu Li
2009 43rd Jiang Weijie 23rd Chen Yaoye 22nd Gu Li 5th Kong Jie 14th Gu Li 6th Wang Xi
2010 44th Piao Wenyao 24th Chen Yaoye 23rd Jiang Weijie 6th Gu Lingyi (Discontinued) 7th Tuo Jiaxi 3rd Xie He
2011 45th Tan Xiao 25th Chen Yaoye 24th Jiang Weijie 7th Tan Xiao 8th Gu Li
2012 46th Mi Yuting 26th Chen Yaoye 25th Tan Xiao 8th Peng Liyao 9th Chen Yaoye 4th Meng Tailing
2013 47th Zhou Hexi 27th Chen Yaoye 26th Chen Yaoye 9th Yang Dingxin 1st Zhou Ruiyang 10th Shi Yue
2014 48th Li Xuanhao 28th Chen Yaoye 27th Chen Yaoye 10th Shi Yue 2nd Zhou Ruiyang 11th Yang Dingxin 5th Fan Tingyu
2015 49th Gu Zihao 29th Chen Yaoye 28th Lian Xiao 11th Ke Jie 12th Lian Xiao
Year National Go Individual New Sports Cup/
Guoshou Tianyuan Mingren Qiwang/
Weifu Fangkai Cup
Lebaishi Cup
NEC Cup China Qisheng/
Luoyang Longmen Qisheng
Chang-ki Cup Quzhou-Lanke Cup

Japan Big Title Winners

Year Honinbo Oza Meijin Judan Tengen Gosei Kisei
1941 1st Sekiyama Riichi
1943 2nd Hashimoto Utaro
1945 3rd Iwamoto Kaoru
1947 4th Iwamoto Kaoru
1950 5th Hashimoto Utaro
1951 6th Hashimoto Utaro
1952 7th Takagawa Kaku
1953 8th Takagawa Kaku 1st Hashimoto Utaro
1954 9th Takagawa Kaku 2nd Takagawa Kaku
1955 10th Takagawa Kaku 3rd Hashimoto Utaro
1956 11th Takagawa Kaku 4th Hashimoto Utaro
1957 12th Takagawa Kaku 5th Shimamura Toshihiro
1958 13th Takagawa Kaku 6th Fujisawa Hosai
1959 14th Takagawa Kaku 7th Hashimoto Shoji
1960 15th Takagawa Kaku 8th Handa Dogen
1961 16th Sakata Eio 9th Sakata Eio
1962 17th Sakata Eio 10th Miyashita Shuyo 1st Fujisawa Hideyuki 1st Hashimoto Utaro
1963 18th Sakata Eio 11th Sakata Eio 2nd Sakata Eio 2nd Handa Dogen
1964 19th Sakata Eio 12th Sakata Eio 3rd Sakata Eio 3rd Fujisawa Hosai
1965 20th Sakata Eio 13th Handa Dogen 4th Rin Kaiho 4th Takagawa Kaku
1966 21st Sakata Eio 14th Sakata Eio 5th Rin Kaiho 5th Sakata Eio
1967 22nd Sakata Eio 15th Fujisawa Hideyuki 6th Rin Kaiho 6th Sakata Eio
1968 23rd Rin Kaiho 16th Fujisawa Hideyuki 7th Takagawa Kaku 7th Sakata Eio
1969 24th Rin Kaiho 17th Fujisawa Hideyuki 8th Rin Kaiho 8th Otake Hideo
1970 25th Rin Kaiho 18th Sakata Eio 9th Fujisawa Hideyuki --[1]
1971 26th Ishida Yoshio 19th Sakata Eio 10th Rin Kaiho 9th Hashimoto Utaro
1972 27th Ishida Yoshio 20th Sakata Eio 11th Rin Kaiho 10th Sakata Eio
1973 28th Ishida Yoshio 21st Rin Kaiho 12th Rin Kaiho 11th Sakata Eio
1974 29th Ishida Yoshio 22nd Ishida Yoshio 13th Ishida Yoshio 12th Hashimoto Shoji
1975 30th Ishida Yoshio 23rd Otake Hideo 14th Otake Hideo 13th Rin Kaiho 1st Fujisawa Hideyuki
1976 31st Takemiya Masaki 24th Cho Chikun 1st[2] Otake Hideo 14th Kato Masao 2nd Kobayashi Koichi 1st Kato Masao
1977 32nd Kato Masao 25th Kudo Norio 2nd Rin Kaiho 15th Kato Masao 3rd Shimamura Toshihiro 2nd Kato Masao 1st Fujisawa Hideyuki
1978 33rd Kato Masao 26th Ishida Yoshio 3rd Otake Hideo 16th Kato Masao 4th Kato Masao 3rd Otake Hideo 2nd Fujisawa Hideyuki
1979 34th Kato Masao 27th Kato Masao 4th Otake Hideo 17th Kato Masao 5th Kato Masao 4th Cho Chikun 3rd Fujisawa Hideyuki
1980 35th Takemiya Masaki 28th Kato Masao 5th Cho Chikun 18th Otake Hideo 6th Kato Masao 5th Otake Hideo 4th Fujisawa Hideyuki
1981 36th Cho Chikun 29th Hashimoto Shoji 6th Cho Chikun 19th Otake Hideo 7th Kato Masao 6th Otake Hideo 5th Fujisawa Hideyuki
1982 37th Cho Chikun 30th Kato Masao 7th Cho Chikun 20th Cho Chikun 8th Kataoka Satoshi 7th Otake Hideo 6th Fujisawa Hideyuki
1983 38th Rin Kaiho 31st Kato Masao 8th Cho Chikun 21st Kato Masao 9th Kataoka Satoshi 8th Otake Hideo 7th Cho Chikun
1984 39th Rin Kaiho 32nd Kato Masao 9th Cho Chikun 22nd Kobayashi Koichi 10th Ishida Yoshio 9th Otake Hideo 8th Cho Chikun
1985 40th Takemiya Masaki 33rd Kato Masao 10th Kobayashi Koichi 23rd Kobayashi Koichi 11th Kobayashi Koichi 10th Otake Hideo 9th Cho Chikun
1986 41st Takemiya Masaki 34th Kato Masao 11th Kato Masao 24th Kobayashi Koichi 12th Kobayashi Koichi 11th Cho Chikun 10th Kobayashi Koichi
1987 42nd Takemiya Masaki 35th Kato Masao 12th Kato Masao 25th Kato Masao 13th Cho Chikun 12th Kato Masao 11th Kobayashi Koichi
1988 43rd Takemiya Masaki 36th Kato Masao 13th Kobayashi Koichi 26th Cho Chikun 14th Cho Chikun 13th Kobayashi Koichi 12th Kobayashi Koichi
1989 44th Cho Chikun 37th Kato Masao 14th Kobayashi Koichi 27th Cho Chikun 15th Rin Kaiho 14th Kobayashi Koichi 13th Kobayashi Koichi
1990 45th Cho Chikun 38th Hane Yasumasa 15th Kobayashi Koichi 28th Takemiya Masaki 16th Rin Kaiho 15th Kobayashi Koichi 14th Kobayashi Koichi
1991 46th Cho Chikun 39th Fujisawa Hideyuki 16th Kobayashi Koichi 29th Takemiya Masaki 17th Rin Kaiho 16th Kobayashi Koichi 15th Kobayashi Koichi
1992 47th Cho Chikun 40th Fujisawa Hideyuki 17th Kobayashi Koichi 30th Takemiya Masaki 18th Rin Kaiho 17th Kobayashi Koichi 16th Kobayashi Koichi
1993 48th Cho Chikun 41st Kato Masao 18th Kobayashi Koichi 31st Otake Hideo 19th Rin Kaiho 18th Kobayashi Koichi 17th Kobayashi Koichi
1994 49th Cho Chikun 42nd Cho Chikun 19th Kobayashi Koichi 32nd Otake Hideo 20th Ryu Shikun 19th Rin Kaiho 18th Cho Chikun
1995 50th Cho Chikun 43rd O Rissei 20th Takemiya Masaki 33rd Yoda Norimoto 21st Ryu Shikun 20th Kobayashi Satoru 19th Kobayashi Satoru
1996 51st Cho Chikun 44th Ryu Shikun 21st Cho Chikun 34th Yoda Norimoto 22nd Ryu Shikun 21st Yoda Norimoto 20th Cho Chikun
1997 52nd Cho Chikun 45th Yamada Kimio 22nd Cho Chikun 35th Kato Masao 23rd Kudo Norio 22nd Yoda Norimoto 21st Cho Chikun
1998 53rd Cho Chikun 46th O Rissei 23rd Cho Chikun 36th Hikosaka Naoto 24th Kobayashi Koichi 23rd Yoda Norimoto 22nd Cho Chikun
1999 54th Cho Sonjin 47th O Rissei 24th Cho Chikun 37th Kobayashi Koichi 25th Kobayashi Koichi 24th Kobayashi Koichi 23rd Cho Chikun
2000 55th O Meien 48th O Rissei 25th Yoda Norimoto 38th Kobayashi Koichi 26th Ryu Shikun 25th Yamashita Keigo 24th O Rissei
2001 56th O Meien 49th Cho Chikun 26th Yoda Norimoto 39th O Rissei 27th Hane Naoki 26th Kobayashi Koichi 25th O Rissei
2002 57th Kato Masao 50th O Meien 27th Yoda Norimoto 40th O Rissei 28th Hane Naoki 27th Kobayashi Koichi 26th O Rissei
2003 58th Cho U 51st Cho U 28th Yoda Norimoto 41st O Rissei 29th Hane Naoki 28th Yoda Norimoto 27th Yamashita Keigo
2004 59th Cho U 52nd Cho U 29th Cho U 42nd O Rissei 30th Yamashita Keigo 29th Yoda Norimoto 28th Hane Naoki
2005 60th Takao Shinji 53rd Cho U 30th Cho U 43rd Cho Chikun 31st Kono Rin 30th Yoda Norimoto 29th Hane Naoki
2006 61st Takao Shinji 54th Yamashita Keigo 31st Takao Shinji 44th Cho Chikun 32nd Kono Rin 31st Cho U 30th Yamashita Keigo
2007 62nd Takao Shinji 55th Yamashita Keigo 32nd Cho U 45th Cho Chikun 33nd Kono Rin 32nd Cho U 31st Yamashita Keigo
2008 63rd Hane Naoki 56th Cho U 33rd Cho U 46th Takao Shinji 34th Cho U 33rd Cho U 32nd Yamashita Keigo
2009 64th Hane Naoki 57th Cho U 34th Iyama Yuta 47th Cho U 35th Yamashita Keigo 34th Cho U 33rd Yamashita Keigo
2010 65th Yamashita Keigo 58th Cho U 35th Iyama Yuta 48th Cho U 36th Yuki Satoshi 35th Sakai Hideyuki 34th Cho U
2011 66th Yamashita Keigo 59th Cho U 36th Yamashita Keigo 49th Iyama Yuta 37th Iyama Yuta 36th Hane Naoki 35th Cho U
2012 67th Iyama Yuta 60th Iyama Yuta 37th Yamashita Keigo 50th Iyama Yuta 38th Iyama Yuta 37th Iyama Yuta 36th Cho U
2013 68th Iyama Yuta 61st Iyama Yuta 38th Iyama Yuta 51st Yuki Satoshi 39th Iyama Yuta 38th Iyama Yuta 37th Iyama Yuta
2014 69th Iyama Yuta 62nd Murakawa Daisuke 39th Iyama Yuta 52nd Takao Shinji 40th Takao Shinji 39th Iyama Yuta 38th Iyama Yuta
2015 70th Iyama Yuta 63rd Iyama Yuta 40th Iyama Yuta 53rd Ida Atsushi 41st Iyama Yuta 40th Iyama Yuta 39th Iyama Yuta
2016 71st Iyama Yuta 64th Iyama Yuta 41st Takao Shinji 54th Iyama Yuta 42nd Iyama Yuta 41st Iyama Yuta 40th Iyama Yuta
2017 72nd Iyama Yuta 65th Iyama Yuta 42nd Iyama Yuta 55th Iyama Yuta 43rd Iyama Yuta 42nd Iyama Yuta 41st Iyama Yuta
2018 73rd Iyama Yuta 66th Iyama Yuta 43rd Cho U 56th Iyama Yuta 44th Iyama Yuta 43rd Kyo Kagen 42nd Iyama Yuta
2019 74th Iyama Yuta 67th Shibano Toramaru 44th Shibano Toramaru 57th Murakawa Daisuke 45th Iyama Yuta 44th Hane Naoki 43rd Iyama Yuta
2020 75th Iyama Yuta 68th Shibano Toramaru 45th Iyama Yuta 58th Shibano Toramaru 46th Ichiriki Ryo 45th Ichiriki Ryo 44th Iyama Yuta
2021 76th Iyama Yuta 69th Iyama Yuta 46th Iyama Yuta 59th Kyo Kagen 47th Seki Kotaro 46th Iyama Yuta 45th Iyama Yuta
2022 77th Iyama Yuta 70th Iyama Yuta 47th Shibano Toramaru 60th Kyo Kagen 48th Seki Kotaro 47th Iyama Yuta 46th Ichiriki Ryo
2023 78th Ichiriki Ryo 71st Iyama Yuta 48th Shibano Toramaru 61st Shibano Toramaru 49th Ichiriki Ryo 48th Iyama Yuta 47th Ichiriki Ryo
Year Honinbo Oza Meijin Judan Tengen Gosei Kisei

[1]: The schedule for the Judan was shifted so the title match was early in the year, instead of late. For this reason 1970 has no Judan title match.

[2]: Because of new sponsorship, the numbering was restarted. Meijin titles before 1976 are generally referred to as the "old Meijin" titles.

See also the list of one sided match results, in which the loser wasn't able to win any games.

Korea Big Title Winners, Traditional

This table uses McCune-Reischauer romanisation.

The Wangwi page has the entire history of the tournament shifted a year later. That matter is beyond the scope of the table numberer.

Year Kuksu P'aewang Wangwi Myeongin Bacchus
Kiseong Techron
GS Caltex
KPIC Siptan
1956 1st Cho Nam-ch'eol
1957 2nd Cho Nam-ch'eol
1958 3rd Cho Nam-ch'eol
1959 4th Cho Nam-ch'eol 1st Cho Nam-ch'eol
1960 5th Cho Nam-ch'eol 2nd Cho Nam-ch'eol
1961 6th Cho Nam-ch'eol 3rd Cho Nam-ch'eol
1962 7th Cho Nam-ch'eol -- [3]
1963 8th Cho Nam-ch'eol 4th Cho Nam-ch'eol
1964 9th Cho Nam-ch'eol 5th Cheong Ch'ang-hyeon
1965 10th Kim In 6th Kim In
1966 11th Kim In -- 1st Kim In
1967 12th Kim In 7th Kim In 2nd Kim In
1968 13th Kim In 8th Kim In 3rd Kim In 1st Cho Nam-ch'eol
1969 14th Kim In 9th Kim In 4th Kim In 2nd Kim In
1970 15th Kim In 10th Kim In 5th Kim In 3rd Cho Nam-ch'eol
1971 16th Yun Ki-hyeon 11th Kim In 6th Kim In 4th Seo Pong-su
1972 17th Yun Ki-hyeon -- 7th Kim In 5th Seo Pong-su
1973 18th Ha Ch'an-seok -- 8th Ha Ch'an-seok 6th Seo Pong-su
1974 19th Ha Ch'an-seok -- 9th Kim In 7th Seo Pong-su
1975 -- -- 10th Seo Pong-su --
1976 20th Cho Hun-hyeon 12th Kim In 11th Cho Hun-hyeon 8th Seo Pong-su
1977 21st Cho Hun-hyeon 13th Cho Hun-hyeon 12th Cho Hun-hyeon 9th Cho Hun-hyeon
1978 22nd Cho Hun-hyeon 14th Cho Hun-hyeon 13th Cho Hun-hyeon 10th Seo Pong-su
1979 23rd Cho Hun-hyeon 15th Cho Hun-hyeon 14th Cho Hun-hyeon 11th Cho Hun-hyeon
1980 24th Cho Hun-hyeon 16th Cho Hun-hyeon 15th Seo Pong-su 12th Cho Hun-hyeon
1981 25th Cho Hun-hyeon 17th Cho Hun-hyeon 16th Cho Hun-hyeon 13th Cho Hun-hyeon
1982 26th Cho Hun-hyeon 18th Cho Hun-hyeon 17th Cho Hun-hyeon 14th Seo Pong-su
1983 27th Cho Hun-hyeon 19th Cho Hun-hyeon 18th Cho Hun-hyeon 15th Cho Hun-hyeon
1984 28th Cho Hun-hyeon 20th Cho Hun-hyeon 19th Cho Hun-hyeon 16th Cho Hun-hyeon 1st Cho Hun-hyeon
1985 29th Cho Hun-hyeon 21st Cho Hun-hyeon 20th Cho Hun-hyeon 17th Cho Hun-hyeon 2nd Ha Ch'an-seok
1986 30th Seo Pong-Su 22nd Cho Hun-hyeon 21st Cho Hun-hyeon 18th Cho Hun-hyeon 3rd Cho Hun-hyeon
1987 31st Seo Pong-Su 23rd Cho Hun-hyeon 22nd Cho Hun-hyeon 19th Cho Hun-hyeon 4th Kang Hun
1988 32nd Cho Hun-hyeon 24th Cho Hun-hyeon 23rd Cho Hun-hyeon 20th Cho Hun-hyeon 5th Cho Hun-hyeon
1989 33rd Cho Hun-hyeon 25th Cho Hun-hyeon 24th Cho Hun-hyeon 21st Cho Hun-hyeon 6th Cho Hun-hyeon
1990 34th Yi Ch'ang-ho 26th Cho Hun-hyeon 25th Cho Hun-hyeon 22nd Yi Ch'ang-ho 7th Cho Hun-hyeon 1st Cho Hun-hyeon
1991 35th Cho Hun-hyeon 27th Cho Hun-hyeon 26th Yi Ch'ang-ho 23rd Yi Ch'ang-ho 8th Yi Ch'ang-ho 2nd Yu Ch'ang-hyeok
1992 36th Cho Hun-hyeon 28th Cho Hun-hyeon 27th Yu Ch'ang-hyeok 24th Yi Ch'ang-ho 9th Yi Ch'ang-ho 3rd Cho Hun-hyeon
1993 37th Yi Ch'ang-ho 29th Yi Ch'ang-ho 28th Yu Ch'ang-hyeok 25th Yi Ch'ang-ho 10th Yi Ch'ang-ho 4th Yi Ch'ang-ho
1994 38th Yi Ch'ang-ho 30th Yi Ch'ang-ho 29th Yu Ch'ang-hyeok 26th Yi Ch'ang-ho 11th Yu Ch'ang-hyeok 5th Yi Ch'ang-ho
1995 39th Yi Ch'ang-ho 31st Cho Hun-hyeon 30th Yu Ch'ang-hyeok 27th Yi Ch'ang-ho 12th Cho Hun-hyeon 6th Yi Ch'ang-ho
1996 40th Yi Ch'ang-ho 32nd Cho Hun-hyeon 31st Yi Ch'ang-ho 28th Yi Ch'ang-ho 13th Yi Ch'ang-ho 7th Yi Ch'ang-ho 1st Yu Ch'ang-hyeok
1997 41st Yi Ch'ang-ho 33rd Cho Hun-hyeon 32nd Yi Ch'ang-ho 29th Cho Hun-hyeon 14th Yi Ch'ang-ho 8th Yi Ch'ang-ho 2nd Yi Ch'ang-ho
1998 42nd Cho Hun-hyeon -- 33rd Yi Ch'ang-ho 30th Yi Ch'ang-ho 15th Yi Ch'ang-ho 9th Yi Ch'ang-ho 3rd Yi Ch'ang-ho
1999 43rd Rui Naiwei 34th Cho Hun-hyeon 34th Yi Ch'ang-ho 31st Yi Ch'ang-ho 16th Yi Ch'ang-ho 10th Yi Ch'ang-ho 4th Seo Pong-su
2000 44th Cho Hun-hyeon 35th Yi Ch'ang-ho 35th Yi Ch'ang-ho 32nd Yi Ch'ang-ho 17th Yi Se-tol 11th Yi Ch'ang-ho 5th Ch'oe Myeong-hun
2001 45th Yi Ch'ang-ho 36th Yi Ch'ang-ho 36th Yi Ch'ang-ho 33rd Yi Ch'ang-ho 18th Pak Yeong-hun 12th Yi Ch'ang-ho 6th Yi Ch'ang-ho
2002 46th Yi Ch'ang-ho -- 37th Yi Ch'ang-ho 34th Yi Ch'ang-ho 19th Song T'ae-kon 13th Yi Ch'ang-ho 7th Yi Se-tol
2003 47th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 37th Yu Ch'ang-hyeok 38th Yi Ch'ang-ho 35th Yi Ch'ang-ho 20th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 14th Yi Ch'ang-ho 8th Yi Ch'ang-ho
2004 48th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han discontinued 39th Yi Ch'ang-ho -- 21st Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 15th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 9th Yi Ch'ang-ho
2005 49th Yi Ch'ang-ho 40th Yi Ch'ang-ho -- 22nd Ko Keun-t'ae 16th Pak Yeong-hun 10th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 1st Pak Yeong-hun
2006 50th Yun Chun-sang 41st Yi Ch'ang-ho -- 23rd Cho Han-seung 17th Pak Yeong-hun 11th Yi Se-tol 2nd Yi Se-tol 1st Yi Ch'ang-ho
2007 51st Yi Se-tol 42nd Yi Ch'ang-ho 36th Yi Se-tol 24th Weon Seong-chin 18th Pak Yeong-hun 12th Pak Yeong-hun 3rd Yi Se-tol 2nd An Cho-yeong
2008 52nd Yi Se-tol discontinued 37th Yi Se-tol 25th Yi Se-tol 19th Pak Yeong-hun 13th Pak Yeong-hun 4th Hong Sungji 3rd Yi Ch'ang-ho
2009 53rd Yi Ch'ang-ho 38th Yi Ch'ang-ho 26th Pak Cheong-hwan discontinued 14th Cho Han-seung 5th Kim Jiseok 4th Park Jungwhan
2010 54th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 39th Pak Yeong-hun 27th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 15th Weon Seong-chin 6th Yi Se-tol 5th Park Jungwhan
2011 55th Cho Han-seung 40th Pak Yeong-hun 28th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 16th Pak Cheong-hwan 9th Yi Yeong-ku 6th Yi Se-tol
2012 56th Cho Han-seung 41st Yi Se-tol 29th Pak Yeong-hun 17th Yi Se-tol 10th An Sungjoon 7th Ch'oe Ch'eol-han
2013 57th Cho Han-seung 42nd Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 30th Pak Cheong-hwan 18th Kim Ji-seok 11th Pak Cheong-hwan 8th Kang Tong-yun
2014 58th Pak Cheong-hwan 43rd Pak Yeong-hun 31st Na Hyun 19th Kim Ji-seok 12th Na Hyun discontinued
2015 59th Pak Cheong-hwan 44th Yi Se-tol discontinued 20th Mok Chin-seok discontinued
2016 discontinued discontinued 21st Yi Tong-hun
Year Kuksu P'aewang Wangwi Myeongin Bacchus
Kiseong Techron
GS Caltex
KPIC Siptan

[3] "--" = not held

Taiwan Big Title Winners

Year Taiwan Mingren Zhonghuan
Z. Qisheng
Taiwan Tianyuan Taiwan Qiwang Shiduan
1975 1st Lin Wenbo
1976 2nd Zhou Kuihong
1977 3rd Zhou Kuihong
1978 4th Zhou Kuihong
1979 5th Zhou Kuihong
1980 6th Zhou Kuihong
1981 7th Zhou Kuihong
1982 8th Chen Changqing
1983 9th Chen Shi
1984 10th Chen Shi
1985 11th Chen Shi
1986 12th Zhou Kuihong
1987 13th Zhou Kuihong
1988 14th Chen Changqing
1989 15th Chen Chanqing
1990 16th Peng Jinghua
1991 17th Chen Changqing
1992 18th Peng Jinghua
1993 19th Lin Shengxian
1994 20th Chen Guoxing 1st Chen Guoxing
1995 21st Zhou Junxun 2nd Peng Jinghua
1996 22nd Zhou Junxun 3rd Zhou Junxun
1997 23rd Zhou Junxun 4th Yu Ping
1998 24th Zhou Junxun 5th Hua Xueming
1999 25th Zhou Junxun 6th Zhou Junxun
2000 26th Zhou Junxun 7th Zhou Junxun
2001 27th Zhou Junxun 8th Yang Zhide
2002 28th Zhou Junxun 9th Huang Xiangren 1st Chen Yongan
2003 29th Zhou Junxun 10th Peng Jinghua 2nd Lin Zhihan
2004 30th Zhou Junxun 11th Zhou Junxun 3rd Zhou Junxun
2005 31st Zhou Junxun 12th Chen Shien 4th Zhou Junxun
2006 32nd Zhou Junxun 13th Yu Kyeongmin] 5th Zhou Junxun
2007 33rd Zhou Junxun 14th Xiao Zhenghao 6th Chen Shien
2008 34th Zhou Junxun 15th Chen Shien 7th Lin Zhihan 1st Zhou Junxun
2009 35th Zhou Junxun 16th Lin Shuyang] 8th Lin Zhihan 2nd Chen Shien
2010 discontinued 17th Jian Lichen 9th Xiao Zhenghao 3rd Chen Shien
2011 18th Chen Shien 10th Chen Shien 4th Chen Shien 1st Zhou Junxun
2012 19th Lin Shuyang 11th Chen Shien 5th Chen Shien 2nd Zhou Junxun
2013 1st Lin Lixiang 12th Xiao Zhenghao 6th Wang Yuanjun 3rd Wang Yuanjun
2014 2nd Chen Siyuan 13th Xiao Zhenghao 7th Wang Yuanjun 4th Lin Junyan
2015 3rd Chen Siyuan 14th Wang Yuanjun 8th Zhou Junxun 5th Xiao Zhenghao
2016 4th Xu Haohong 15th Wang Yuanjun 9th Wang Yuanjun 6th Xiao Zhenghao
2017 5th Lin Shixun 16th Wang Yuanjun 10th Lin Junyan 7th Wang Yuanjun
2018 6th Xu Haohong 17th Wang Yuanjun 11th Lin Junyan 8th Xu Haohong
2019 7th Xu Haohong 18th Lin Junyan 12th Wang Yuanjun 9th Xu Haohong
2020 1st Lin Junyan -- 19th Wang Yuanjun 13th Xu Haohong 10th Xu Haohong
2021 2nd Xu Haohong 8th Wang Yuanjun 20th Wang Yuanjun 14th Lin Junyan 11th Xu Haohong
2022 3rd Xu Haohong 9th Lai Junfu 21st Xu Haohong 15th Xu Haohong 12th Xu Haohong
2023 4th Lai Junfu 10th Xu Haohong 22nd Xu Haohong 16th Xu Haohong 13th Xu Haohong

China Big Title Winners, Women's

Year NWI Women's Mingren Jianqiao Cup
1978 Kong Xiangming
1979 Kong Xiangming
1980 Yang Hui
1981 Yang Hui
1982 Yang Hui
1983 Feng Yun
1984 Kong Xiangming
1985 Yang Hui
1986 Rui Naiwei
1987 Rui Naiwei
1988 Rui Naiwei
1989 Rui Naiwei Huang Yan
1990 Zhang Xuan Xu Ying
1991 Yang Hui Ye Gui
1992 Yang Hui discontinued
1993 Hua Xueming
1994 Ye Jinjin
1995 Hua Xueming
1996 Li Chunhua
1997 Xu Ying
1998 Yang Hui
1999 Li Chunhua
2000 Xu Ying
2001 Li Chunhua Zhang Xuan
2002 Tang Ying Yu Meiling
2003 Ye Gui discontinued Zhang Xuan
2004 Xu Ying Zhang Xuan
2005 Wang Xiangyun Ye Gui Zhang Xuan
2006 Song Ronghui discontinued Zhang Xuan
2007 Tang Yi Zheng Yan
2008 Wang Chenxing Lu Jia
2009 Tang Yi Lu Jia
2010 Cao Youyin Zheng Yan Wang Chenxing
2011 Cao Youyin Li He Zhang Xuan
2012 Wang Chenxing discontinued Wang Chenxing
2013 Cao Youyin Rui Naiwei
2014 Yu Zhiying Cao Youyin
2015 Wang Chenxing Yu Zhiying
2016 Li He Lu Jia
2017 Gao Xing Rui Naiwei
2018 discontinued? Chen Yiming Wang Chenxing
2019 Zhou Hongyu Wang Shuang
2020 --
2021 -- Zhou Hongyu
2022 -- --
2023 Yu Zhiying Li He
Year NWI Women's Mingren Jianqiao Cup

Japan Big Title Winners, Women's

Year AJWC /
W. Hon.
Women's Meijin Women's Kisei Female Saikyo Aidu / Tachiaoi
1952 Ito Tomoe
1953 Sugiuchi Kazuko
1954 Sugiuchi Kazuko
1955 Sugiuchi Kazuko
1956 Sugiuchi Kazuko
1957 Ito Tomoe
1958 Ito Tomoe
1959 --
1960 Ito Tomoe
1961 Ito Tomoe
1962 Ito Tomoe
1963 Kitani Reiko
1964 --
1965 Ito Tomoe
1966 Kitani Reiko
1967 Kitani Reiko
1968 Kitani Reiko
1969 Honda Sachiko
1970 Kitani Reiko
1971 Kitani Reiko
1972 Honda Sachiko
1973 Honda Sachiko
1974 --
1975 Honda Sachiko
1976 Kobayashi Chizu
1977 Kobayashi Chizu
1978 Kobayashi Chizu
1979 Ogawa Tomoko
1980 Ogawa Tomoko
1981 Honda Sachiko
1982 Honda Sachiko
1983 Kusunoki Teruko
1984 Honda Sachiko
1985 Kusunoki Teruko
1986 Ogawa Tomoko
1987 Kusunoki Teruko
1988 Kusunoki Teruko
1989 Kusunoki Teruko Miyazaki Shimako
1990 Nakazawa Ayako Aoki Kikuyo
1991 Nakazawa Ayako Sugiuchi Kazuko
1992 Kato Tomoko Sugiuchi Kazuko
1993 Yoshida Mika Sugiuchi Kazuko
1994 Yoshida Mika Sugiuchi Kazuko
1995 Yoshida Mika Kato Tomoko
1996 Yoshida Mika Nishida Terumi
1997 Chinen Kaori Nishida Terumi
1998 Chinen Kaori Nishida Terumi Kobayashi Izumi
1999 Chinen Kaori Aoki Kikuyo Kobayashi Izumi Shinkai Hiroko
2000 Inori Yoko Aoki Kikuyo Chinen Kaori Kato Tomoko
2001 Kobayashi Izumi Kobayashi Izumi Chinen Kaori Aoki Kikuyo
2002 Kobayashi Izumi Aoki Kikuyo Chinen Kaori Okada Yumiko
2003 Kobayashi Izumi Kobayashi Izumi Chinen Kaori Suzuki Ayumi
2004 Chinen Kaori Kobayashi Izumi Mannami Kana Shinkai Hiroko
2005 Yashiro Kumiko Koyama Terumi Chinen Kaori Kobayashi Izumi
2006 Yashiro Kumiko Aoki Kikuyo Mannami Kana Xie Yimin
2007 Xie Yimin Kato Keiko Umezawa Yukari Suzuki Ayumi
2008 Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Umezawa Yukari Kato Keiko
2009 Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Umezawa Yukari discontinued
2010 Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Xie Yimin
2011 Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Xie Yimin
2012 Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Aoki Kikuyo
2013 Mukai Chiaki Xie Yimin Xie Yimin
2014 Fujisawa Rina Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Fujisawa Rina
2015 Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Xie Yimin O Keii
2016 Fujisawa Rina Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Xie Yimin
2017 Xie Yimin Fujisawa Rina Xie Yimin Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina
2018 Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina Ueno Asami Mannami Nao Fujisawa Rina
2019 Ueno Asami Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina
2020 Fujisawa Rina -- Fujisawa Rina Ueno Asami Fujisawa Rina
2021 Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina Ueno Asami Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina
2022 Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina Ueno Asami Nyu Eiko Ueno Asami
2023 Fujisawa Rina Ueno Asami Nakamura Sumire Nyu Eiko Ueno Asami
Year AJWC /
W. Hon.
Women's Meijin Women's Kisei Female Saikyo Aidu / Tachiaoi

Korea Big Title Winners, Women's

Year Women's Kuksu Women's Myeongin Women's Kisung
1994 Yun Yeong-seon
1995 Yun Yeong-seon
1996 Yun Yeong-seon
1997 Yi Yeong-sin
1998 Yun Yeong-seon
1999 Rui Naiwei
2000 Rui Naiwei Pak Chi-eun
2001 -- Rui Naiwei
2002 Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei
2003 Cho Hye-yeon Rui Naiwei
2004 -- Cho Hye-yeon
2005 Cho Hye-yeon Rui Naiwei
2006 Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei
2007 Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei
2008 Pak Chi-eun Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei
2009 Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei --
2010 Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei Kim Yoonyoung
2011 Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei Rui Naiwei
2012 Park Jiyun Choi Jung --
2013 Kim Hyeoimin Choi Jung Choi Jung
2014 Kim Chaeyoung Choi Jung discontinued
2015 Rui Naiwei Choi Jung
2016 Rui Naiwei Choi Jung
2017 Park Jiyun discontinued Kim Dayoung
2018 Choi Jung Choi Jung
2019 Choi Jung Choi Jung
2020 Choi Jung Choi Jung
2021 O Yujin O Yujin
2022 Choi Jung Choi Jung
2023 Choi Jung Kim Eunji
Year Women's Kuksu Women's Myeongin Women's Kisung


[4] The National Go Individual is a former big title. For many years it was the most prestigious event in China, being officially sponsored by the Chinese government, offering a prize purse, and an open national event. However, once the Chinese government officially began its professional system in the 1980s the result was the rise of other domestic tournaments with far larger prize purses. Also, by the late 1980s to early 90s private sponsors and international events took off. The result was a steady decline in attendance and importance of the National Go Individual. Though Chinese authorities have tried to reinvigorate the event by awarding places in international events to individual champions, the National Go Individual has nonetheless been relegated to a minor event. However, due to the limited number of domestic women's events it remains fairly important in women's go.


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