Keywords: Tournament

Cooresponding Titles
China: Tianyuan
Japan: Tengen
Korea: Chunwon
Taiwan: Taiwan Tianyuan

The Korean version of the Tengen title. Sometimes written Chunweon or Chunwon. The title is decided by a sixteen player tournament with a 5 round final. The previous year's winner is not automatically seeded into the final, but must reach it via competing in the tournament.

Ed. Year Winner
1st 1996 Yi Ch'ang-ho
2nd 1997 Yi Ch'ang-ho
3rd 1998 Yi Ch'ang-ho
4th 1999 Yi Ch'ang-ho
5th 2000 Yi Se-tol
6th 2001 Pak Yeong-hun
7th 2002 Song T'ae-kon
8th 2003 Ch'oe Ch'eol-han
9th 2004 Ch'oe Ch'eol-han
10th 2005 Ko Geuntae
11th 2006 Cho Hanseung
12th 2007 Weon SeongChin
13th 2008 Kang Dongyun
14th 2009 Park Jung Hwan
15th 2010 Ch'oe Ch'eol-han
16th 2011 Ch'oe Ch'eol-han
17th 2012 Pak Yeong-hun
18th 2013 Park Jung Hwan

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