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Welcome to Bleedo's Home Page!

Before you die of boredom I suggest you find something better to do =D. Or, go to one of the many links in this page that leads to (much) more exciting pages as to this one that you seemed to have stumbled upon.

Note: I'm open for free games any time on Kiseido Go Server (KGS)!

"There are good moves and there are good games"

"If you can't win a semeai, use it as a ko threat bag"

"Greed gets you 2 points, Defense gets you 20 points, Tactics get you 50 points, Strategy gets you the game"

User Info

KGS Username: Flight{ranked}. Bleedo{unranked}
Current Rank: 2k KGS
Location: Los Angeles, California {United States}
Pages Created: Enclosed Territory Invasions

Recommended Pages
Here's some pages that should be of some use to read.

  1. Go - The Awful Truth - Go's equivalent game?
  2. Go Proverbs - Pretty good stuff
  3. Go Is Better Than Sex - Huh?
  4. Big Titles - The prizes are enough to make you want to go pro

Recommended Sites
Here's a couple sites that I highly recommend you visit!

The site of the Go Sensei Project, an interactive flash tutorial to the board game, Go. Learn how to play Go with Fujiwara no Sai. Also contains information about the "A Death God's Tale" Room on KGS.

Download Hikaru no Go Manga online!

KGS The Kiseido Go Server, the most user-friendly server out there.

[ext] The Go Problems Site, has about 5,000 problems for total beginners to high dans! This link leads you to my page~ I have about 41 problems {and counting} on the site.

IGS The Internet Go Server, a big server that uses a Java interface. I don't personally recommend it for beginners, as the community is not as open to teaching as Kiseido Server is. It has the biggest Asian following as well.

DGS The Dragon Go Server, the biggest turn-based Go server. Good for people who don't have time to do a game in 1 hour but can afford a couple moves per day.

A very funny go comic made by this Go playing girl. Take a look and have some laughs.

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