Li Xuanhao

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Chinese player born 1995-02-01. Promoted 1 dan 2008-07-24, 9 dan 2022-04-13



On December 21, 2022, he defeated Shin Jinseo in the 14th Chunlan Cup semi-final and entered into his career first international finals. On December 22, Yang Dingxin questioned his honesty on the WeChat social media platform accusing him of cheating. A rough translation ([ext] by a Reddit user idevcg) from Mandarin Chinese:

"I wanted to post it tomorrow, but I'll post it now and then go to sleep. Xuanhao, I want to play a 20-game match with you, no washroom breaks allowed, no time limits, a game a day, in a room with no signals, and release the kifu for all the games for everyone to judge, if everyone thinks I falsely accused you then I will retire after my LG cup finals, are you brave enough to accept my challenge?

Good night, don't pm me, reply in this thread :D"

After that, Yang was criticized by the Chinese Go Association and the Chinese National Go team which led him apologizing and deleting his post. The Chinese Go Association's investigation did not find that Li had cheated, and Yang was banned from most professional games by the Chinese Go Association for six months on December 30th. Initially participating in LG Cup was an exception from the ban, but the rules changed on the way, and Yang was also exceptioned from some other games.

A year earlier, Li had suffered the same accusation from Ke Jie and other Chinese professionals. For more information, see the [ext] video by Yeonwoo and the [ext] video by the Pro Go Baduk Weiqi Podcast.


Japanese [ext] profile



li xuanhao chunlan dec2022 (Image credit: 0)
li xuanhao chunlan dec2022 (Image credit:

li xuanhao mlily 2023 (Image credit: 2)
li xuanhao mlily 2023 (Image credit:

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