Pak Chi-eun

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Pak Chi-eun

Also known as Park Shiun (박지은), (b. 4 Nov 1983) is a Korean female 9-dan professional. From 19992011, she was one of the five top female players in the world. For four years (20042007), she was #3.For most of that time, she was #2 in Korea behind only Cho Hyeyeon, and in 2010 she was # in Korea. In later years, her strength has dropped, so she is the #68 ranked female the in world, #23 female in Korea.

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(2000) 1st Women's Myeongin

Won the 1st Women's Myeongin title in February 2000 at the age of 16, but lost it the following year to Rui Naiwei.

(2001) 2nd Hung Chang Cup

Reached the final of the 2nd Hung Chang Cup, where she lost to Rui Naiwei (February 2001).

(2003) 1st Toyota & Denso Cup

Round 1: Defeated Yoda Norimoto Meijin Round 2: Lost to Yu Bin

(2007) Dali Cup: won her first international female title defeating 2-1 Kim Hyeoimin, and gaining the promotion to 8 dan.

(2008) Yuanyang Cup: won her second international title, defeating 2-1 Rui Naiwei, and gaining the promotion to 9 dan.

(2008) World Mind Sports Games in Beijing. Won the Bronze Medal in Women's Individual Go tournament.

(2010) Bingsheng Cup: won her third international title, beating Hei Jiajia in the final game.

(2011) Bingsheng Cup: won her fourth international title, beating Tang Yi in the final game.

In 2007 and in 2010, she beat Cho Hunhyun in the last game of the Auction Cup, allowing the women's Team to win both editions (1st and 4th) of the tournament against a Team composed of male korean players over the age of 45.

Promotion History:

  • 1997 1 dan
  • 1999 2nd dan
  • 2001 3rd dan
  • 2003 4th dan
  • 2004 5th dan
  • 2005 6th dan (May)
  • 2007 7th dan
  • 2007 8th dan (July)
  • 2008 9th dan (the third woman 9 dan professional)

Head-to-head scores against current female rivals

(Based on [ext] Park Shiun, Go Ratings and game list), as of 22 Jun 2024

  • Choi Jung, 9p, current Korean and World #1 female: 18
  • Yu Zhiying, 8p, #2 female in world, #1 female in China: 26
  • Kim Eunji, 9p, #3 female and #1 female teenager in world, #2 female in South Korea: 01
  • O Yujin, 9p, #7 female in world, #3 female in South Korea: 06
  • Fujisawa Rina, 7p, #8 female in world, #2 female in Japan: 11
  • Kim Chaeyeong, 8p, #9 ranked female in the world and #4 female in Korea: 65
  • Li He, 5p, #10 female in world, #4 female in China: 44
  • Cho Seunga, 6p, #12 ranked female player and #304 overall, and #5 ranked player in Korea: 01
  • Wang Chenxing, 5p, #16 female in world, #8 female in China: 33
  • Cho Hyeyeon, 9p, #19 female in world, once #1 and many years #2 female in world: 410
  • Rui Naiwei, 9p, #20 female in world, many years #1 female in world: 1416
  • Kim Hye-min, 9p, #25 female in the world, #8 female player in Korea: 116
  • Kim Dayoung, 5p, Kim Chaeyeong]'s younger sister, #27 ranked female in the world and #9 female in Korea: 14
  • Lee Minjin, 8p, #29 female in the world, #10 female player in Korea: 51
  • Xie Yimin, 7p, #30 ranked female in the world, #5 ranked female in Japan (#1 for many years): 30
  • Joanne Missingham aka Hei Jiajia, 7p, #39 female in world, #1 ranked female player in Taiwan: 62



In 2013-05-08 Park [ext] won B+68.5 [1] against Cheon Daesang: is this a record?

[1] Neither Go4Go nor Waltheri have this game. The SGF has an archived snapshot, but the metadata is corrupted and it only displays as text. I (bugcat) have removed / replaced the metadata and uploaded the game to OGS [ext] here.


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