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The National Go Individual (全国围棋个人赛) is a historically significant Chinese tournament created in 1957. It was the most prestigious event in Chinese go before the Chinese government officially began its professional system in the 1980s, and played a significant role in the initial selection of China's first professionals. It was suspended from 1967 to 1973 due to The Cultural Revolution; and in 1978, a parallel women's tournament was created. The 51st term was held in 2017.


For many years, the National Go Individual was the most prestigious event in China, being officially sponsored by the Chinese government, offering a prize purse, and an open national event. This made it China's first big tournament title in modern go. However, once the Chinese government officially began its professional system in the 1980s the result was the rise of other domestic tournaments with far larger prize purses. Also, by the late 1980s to early 90s private sponsors and international events took off. Combined, these led to a steady decline in attendance and importance of the National Go Individual. Though Chinese authorities have tried to reinvigorate the event by awarding places in international events to individual champions, the National Go Individual has nonetheless been relegated to a minor event. However, due to the limited number of domestic women's events, the women's section remains fairly important in Chinese women's go.

Tournament Results

For a list of the top six finishers each year, see [ext]全国围棋个人赛

Tournament Format Rounds Time Limit
Swiss 9 2h 40min main time
w/ 5x60s byoyomi

Year Men's Winners Women's Winners
1957 Guo Tisheng --
1957 Guo Tisheng --
1958 Liu Dihuai --
1959 Liu Dihuai --
1960 Huang Yongji --
1962 Guo Tisheng --
1964 Chen Zude --
1966 Chen Zude --
1974 Chen Zude --
1975 Nie Weiping --
1977 Nie Weiping --
1978 Nie Weiping Kong Xiangming
1979 Nie Weiping Kong Xiangming
1980 Liu Xiaoguang Yang Hui
1981 Nie Weiping Yang Hui
1982 Ma Xiaochun Yang Hui
1983 Nie Weiping Feng Yun
1984 Ma Xiaochun Kong Xiangming
1985 Fang Tianfeng Yang Hui
1986 Ma Xiaochun Rui Naiwei
1987 Ma Xiaochun Rui Naiwei
1988 Qian Yuping Rui Naiwei
1989 Wang Jianhong Rui Naiwei
1990 Liu Xiaoguang Zhang Wei[1]
1991 Ma Xiaochun Yang Hui
1992 Shao Weigang Yang Hui
1993 Zhang Wendong Hua Xueming
1994 Cao Dayuan Ye Jinjin
1995 Chang Hao Hua Xueming
1996 Zhou Heyang Li Chunhua
1997 Ding Wei Xu Ying
1998 Qiu Jun Yang Hui
1999 Zhou Heyang Li Chunhua
2000 Luo Xihe Xu Ying
2001 Kong Jie Li Chunhua
2002 Xie He Tang Ying
2003 Kong Jie Ye Gui
2004 Qiu Jun Xu Ying
2005 Chen Yaoye Wang Xiangyun
2006 Wang Xi Song Ronghui
2007 Zhang Li Tang Yi
2008 Sun Tengyu Wang Chenxing
2009 Jiang Weijie Tang Yi
2010 Piao Wenyao Cao Youyin
2011 Tan Xiao Cao Youyin
2012 Mi Yuting Wang Chenxing
2013 Zhou Hexi Cao Youyin
2014 Li Xuanhao Yu Zhiying
2015 Hao Hao? Wang Chenxing
2016 Fan Wei? Li He
2017 Han Yizhou Gao Xing


[1] Zhang Wei was the winner according the [ext] Chinese Wikipedia entry. However, some sources list second place Hua Xueming as the winner.[CitationNeeded]


valerio: the name, I think, is Quanguo Weiqi Geren. In 2012 the complete name was: 2012 Wng Tixng Bēi Qungu Grn Si. This is a swiss tournament in 9 rounds. There is also a National individual for young players (the last winner was An Dongxu 4dan, born in 1992-12-27).

Velobici: Valerio agree with you regarding the name Quanguo Weiqi Geren Sai is a romanization of 全国围棋个人赛. Don't know about the young players tournament.

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