Women's Mingren

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The Women's Mingren or Female Mingren is a Chinese professional women's tournament, the female equivalent of the Mingren.

It has a complicated history.

The first incarnation was as what is now known as the Old Women's Mingren, which ran from 1989 to 1991. In each edition, the tournament changed its location and name.

It's unclear why Japanese professional Aoki Kikuyo apparently competed in the 1991 edition.

Ed. Year Winner Runner-up Name Location
1 1989 Huang Yan Zhang Xuan Jinxing Beijing
2 1990 Xu Ying Yang Hui Huanghe Xian
3 1991 Ye Gui Aoki Kikuyo Shuxing Hainan

The next form of the event was the Female Mingren of 2001 to 2002, which was resurrected for a 2005 edition as well.

Ed. Year Winner Score Runner-up
1 2001 Zhang Xuan 1-0 Yang Hui
2 2002 Yu Meiling 1-0 Meng Zhaoyu
3 2005 Ye Gui 2-0 Li Chunhua

After another hiatus, a third version was created: the Huang Longshi Female Mingren, which was held in 2010 and 2011. It might also have been held in later years, but there's no obvious information to support that possibility.

Ed. Year Winner Score Runner-up
1 2010 Zheng Yan 1-0 Li He
2 2011 Li He 1-0 Chen Yiming

The most recent tournament is sponsored by the People's Daily newspaper group, first held in 2018, or 2018-19. It has a [ext] Go to Everyone! section.

Ed. Year Winner Score Runner-up
1 2018 Chen Yiming 2-0 Chen Yiming
2 2019 Zhou Hongyu 2-1 Wang Yubo
3 2023 Yu Zhiying 2-1 Zhou Hongyu

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