Nyu Eiko



(Jp. 牛 栄子 / Si. 牛 荣子, b. 1999-05-12) Japanese female three dan professional.

Qualified in 2015, 2p (30 wins) on 2017-12-22, 3p in 2020, 4p in 2022-01


On 14 November 2021, she beat Kobayashi Satoru in Section A of the Gosei preliminaries. Fairbairn clarified: "(She's the) 12th woman to make it to (the) Big 7 (qualification) finals, (it's the) 17th time it's been done since 1979. Four times in Reiwa already."

[ext] Description by Fairbairn, 9 May 2021:

"She is Michael Redmond's niece, incidentally, and despite her Chinese heritage she was born in Japan. She's 22 ... on 12 May ... She's been a pro since 2015. Despite not quite hitting the headlines she has had a couple of runner-up places in major women's events."

Eiko is the daughter of professional Niu Lili (former amanuensis to Go Seigen) and her husband, four-time Chinese Xiangqi National Champion Zhao Guorong. Lili is the sister of Niu Xianxian (also professional), who is Redmond's wife.

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