Taiwan Tianyuan

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Corresponding Titles
China: Tianyuan
Japan: Tengen
Korea: Chunwon
Taiwan: Taiwan Tianyuan

(天元賽) This is the Taiwanese Tengen title. The final is a best-of-7 match between the previous-years' title holder and the winner of the Tianyuan League (best-of-5 match before 2015).

Winners and defeated finalists
Ed. Year Winner Result Runner-up
1st 2002 Chen Yongan 3-1 Xia Daming
2nd 2003 Lin Zhihan 3-0 Chen Yongan
3rd 2004 Zhou Junxun (9d) 3-1 Lin Zhihan
4th 2005 Zhou Junxun (9d) 3-1 Lin Zhihan (7d)
5th 2006 Zhou Junxun (9d) 3-0 Yoo Kyeongmin
6th 2007 Chen Shien (7d) 3-1 Zhou Junxun (9d)
7th 2008 Lin Zhihan (8d) 3-2 Chen Shien (7d)
8th 2009 Lin Zhihan (8d) 3-2 Chen Shien (8d)
9th 2010 Xiao Zhenghao (6d) 3-1 Lin Zhihan (9d)
10th 2011 Chen Shien (9d) 3-1 Xiao Zhenghao (7d)
11th 2012 Chen Shien (9d) 3-0 Xiao Zhenghao (7d)
12th 2013 Xiao Zhenghao (8d) 3-1 Chen Shien (9d)
13th 2014 Xiao Zhenghao 3-1 Lin Lixiang
14th 2015 Wang Yuanjun 4-3 Xiao Zhenghao
15th 2016 Wang Yuanjun 4-2 Xiao Zhenghao
16th 2017 Wang Yuanjun 4-0 Lin Shixun
17th 2018 Wang Yuanjun 4-2 Yang Bowei
18th 2019 Lin Junyan 4-2 Wang Yuanjun
19th 2020 Wang Yuanjun 4-0 Lin Junyan
20th 2021 Wang Yuanjun 4-2 Jian Jingting
21st 2022 Xu Haohong 4-1 Wang Yuanjun
22nd 2023 Xu Haohong 4-1 Lai Junfu

valerio: Tianyuan is the richest Tournament of the Taiwan Qiyuan. Prizes are 1,000,000 DTW for the winner of the final match and 400,000 DTW for the loser (source: [ext] http://www.taiwango.org.tw/sub03_02_02.asp ), from 2013 (800.000 DTW and 350.000 untill 2012). The winner gain the promotion to 7 dan.

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