Cheon Seu Wien

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(Also known as Chen Shien, Chen Shiyuan,Cheon Suwien,Chin Siyen)

Cheon Seu Wien (born 1985) is a Taiwanese professional Go player of the Hankuk Kiwon. 9 dan of the Taiwan Qiyuan.

Cheon reached 2-dan in 2001 and 3-dan by August 2005. The Chinese reading of his name is Chen Shiyuan.

Cheon is a pupil of Kweon Kap-yong.

In 2005 he moved back to Taiwan and in 2007 (now 7 dan) won several titles:

In 2008 Chen won 15th Taiwan Zhonghuan Cup, but lost Tianyuan and Guoshou (new title holder is now Lin Zhihan). In december, Chen won 4th Wangzuo.

In 2009-03-10 Chen was promoted to 8 dan (110 wins as 7 dan); his record on 2009-04-11 was: 15 consecutive wins.

In 2009-07-16 Chen won the 2nd Taiwan Qiwang, defeating 4-2 Zhou Junxun; 2009-11-10 won the 3rd Aixin, defeating 2-0 Xiao Zhenghao; 2009-12-10 won the 5th Wangzuo, defeating 3-0 Lin Lixiang; 2009-12-22 won the 9th Donggang Cup, defeating Zhou Junxun. In 2009 he became the runner-up of the 2nd Taiwan-Nihon Kiin Tournament (lost to Kono Rin.

In 2010-07-29 Chen won again the 3rd Taiwan Qiwang, defeating 4-0 Lin Zhihan; in 2010-12-28 won the 6th Wangzuo, defeating 3-1 Xiao Zhenghao and in 2010-12-29 won the 3rd Taiwan Qisheng, defeating 2-0 Wang Yuanjun.

In 2011-03-20 Chen was promoted 9 dan (120 wins as 8 dan). In 2011-04-17, he won the 18th Taiwan Zhonghuan Cup; in 2011-05-24 the 10th Taiwan Tianyuan; in 2011-06-05 the 4th Taiwan-Nihon Kiin Tournament; in 2011-09-22 the 4th Taiwan Qiwang, defeating 4-3 Zhou Junxun; in 2011-12-29 the 7th Wangzuo, defeating Lin Zhihan 3-1.

In 2012-06-05 Chen won the 11th Taiwan Tianyuan, defeating Xiao Zhenghao 3-0; in 2012-09-18 won the 8th Taiwan Guoshou, defeating Lin Zhihan 3-1; in 2012-10-04 won the 5th Taiwan Qiwang, defeating Xiao Zhenghao 4-2, in 2012-12-06 the 4th Haifong Cup, defeating Wang Yuanjun 2-0 and in 2012-12-18 the 8th Wangzuo, again defeating Wang Yuanjun 3-0.

Chen Shien (3-dan) currently (29 August 2005) has the second most wins for 2005 in the Taiwanese domestic pro go scene (he has a 27-6 record). He is doing well in the Guoshou, tied at the top of the league with Lin Zhihan (7d) with a score of 3-1. However, a 3-dan Korean called Chen Shien recently took a semi-final spot for a position in the Samsung cup finals, and has been playing in League A of the SK Gas Cup, where he lost all 5-of-his games to finish bottom of the league.

Can anyone inform me whether these two Chen Shien's are the same person? If indeed they are, how does he handle playing in both countries?

John F. It's Chen Shiyuan (also recorded as Cheon Seu Wien, Cheon Suwien, Chin Siyen). He's a Taiwanese who studied with Kweon Kap-yong in Korea in 2000-12 and became pro there. He moved back to Taiwan in January 2005. Zhang Zhengping is a similar sort of example, though she also studied as an insei in Japan before going to Korea.

valerio: Chen Shiyuan is the correct chinese spelling; the most commonly used Chen Shien is the japanese spelling.

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