Feng Yun

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丰 云 Feng Yun (Fēng Yśn)

Feng Yun (丰 云 Pinyin: Fēng Yśn, born 1966) is a Chinese 9-dan professional Go player.

Feng joined the Henan Provinical Weiqi Team, under Huang Jin Xian, when she was nine years old. She began her professional career in 1979. In 1982, aged 15, she was selected for the China National Weiqi Team, where she received professional training for 18 years.

After 23 years of effort, hard work and winning games, Feng Yun became a top professional Go player when she was awarded the rank of 9-dan in 1995. This made her only the second woman (after Rui Naiwei) to reach 9 dan.

Feng Yun was a finalist in the first four Bohae Cups, winning on the second occasion (1995), but losing to Rui Naiwei on the other three occasions, hence being 2nd in '94, '96 and '97.

She was the challenger in the 2002 North American Masters Tournament.

Feng Yun won the 2004 Ing Pro Tourney held at the 20th AGA Go Congress in Rochester, New York.

Winner of the Eastern Section of the 2001, 2004 and 2006 North American Toyota Denso Oza Championship.

On her website: [ext] http://www.fengyungoschool.com/ she set up the very first Go school run by a 9 dan player on the American continent (2002). Go Teaching on IGS, KGS, in the Feng Yun Go School started already in 1996.

Feng Yun can be found teaching at KGS with the username fengyun.


  • Born on 10/2/1966 in Liaoning Province.
  • 1975 Feng started learning Go at of age of 9.
  • 1979 (12 years old) She became a professional Go player of the Henan Provincial Team
  • 1982 Feng became 4-dan professional.
  • 1983 Promoted to 5 dan professional, won her first title: National women's Championship *1987 Promoted to 6-dan professional
  • 1992 Promoted to 7-dan professional
  • 1995 Promoted to 8-dan professional
  • In 1997, advanced to 9 dan pro, one of the only three women 9p in the world.
  • In 1983 (16 years old), won 6th National Go Women Individual champion, in 1990 and 1991, second place, in 1993 third place.
  • 1st Baohai Cup World Women Go Competition second place, won 2nd Baohai Cup champion, 3rd and 4th Baohai Cup second place.
  • In 1998, won Kuerle Cup champion.

Since 2000, she and her family have been living in New Jersey, USA

[ext] Feng Yun Go School
[ext] gogameworld.com - playerinfo
[ext] NY Times article 2006-01-14

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