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"Shiduan" means "10-dan". Refers to two Taiwanese tournaments, one past and one present.

1) (鈺徳杯十段賽) Started in 2007. Abandoned in 2009, with the 3rd edition unfinished.


2) (友士杯十段賽) The name was revived in 2011 with a new sponsor (Youshi).

From the 2012 edition on, the challengers' tournament became a double elimination knockout, whereas in 2011 it had been a league. In 2022 the format was made into single elimination.

For crosstables, see [ext] the GTE page.

GTE # Year Winner Sc. Runner up Challengers' RU Winners' RU Losers' RU
1st 2011 Zhou Junxun 2-0 Yu Chengrui
2nd 2012 Zhou Junxun 2-0 Chen Shiyuan Xiao Zhenghao Lin Zhihan
3rd 2013 Wang Yuanjun 2-1 Zhou Junxun Xiao Zhenghao Lin Junyan Chen Shiyuan
4th 2014 Lin Junyan 2-0 Wang Yuanjun Lin Shuyang Chen Feng Xiao Zhenghao
5th 2015 Xiao Zhenghao 2-0 Lin Junyan Chen Shiyuan Xiao Zhenghao Hei Jiajia
6th 2016 Xiao Zhenghao 3-0 Xu Haohong Chen Qirui Wang Yuanjun
7th 2017 Wang Yuanjun 3-2 Xiao Zhenghao Lin Shixun Xu Haohong
8th 2018 Xu Haohong 3-1 Wang Yuanjun Lin Junyan Lai Junfu Xiao Zhenghao
9th 2019 Xu Haohong 3-1 Lai Junfu Xiao Zhenghao Lin Shixun
10th 2020 Xu Haohong 3-1 Lin Lixiang Lin Junyan Li Wei
11th 2021 Xu Haohong 3-0 Lin Junyan Wang Yuanjun Xiao Zhenghao
12th 2022 Xu Haohong 3-1 Chen Qirui Lu Yuchuan
13th 2023 Xu Haohong 3-0 Chen Qirui Wang Yuanjun

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