Lin Zhihan

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Born in 1980-11-14 Lin is one of the strongest players in Taiwan Qiyuan. Promoted 9 dan 2009-09-15 (120 wins as 8 dan, annual win rate of at least 30% for games won in that year to count towards the 120 games required for promotion. [ext] source).

His promotion record is:

  • 2001: 1 dan
  • 2001-07-08: 2 dan
  • 2002-04-30: 3 dan
  • 2003-05-08: 4 dan
  • 2003-12-30: 5 dan
  • 2004-09-16: 6 dan
  • 2004-12-21: 7 dan
  • 2007-05-05: 8 dan
  • 2009-09-15: 9 dan

Source: [ext]

In 2008 Lin Zhihan defeated Chen Shien 3-2 in 7th Taiwan Tianyuan, 2-1 in 1st Taiwan Qisheng and 3-1 in 4th Taiwan Guoshou.

Lin won also, in 2009, the 8th Taiwan Tianyuan, defeating Chen Shien 3-2, the 5th Taiwan Guoshou defeating Xiao Zhenghao 3-2 and the 1st Haifeng Cup defeating Chen Shien 2-1.

In 2010 Lin won again the 6th Taiwan Guoshou (he beat 3-2 Lin Shuyang and won his 22th title) and reached the final of the 2nd Haifong Cup. On 2010-12-31, Lin won the 4th Aixin title, defeating 2-1 Zhou Junxun.

In 2011 Lin won the 7th Taiwan Guoshou for the fourth time in a row, beating Xiao Zhenghao 3-0, winning his 24th title. In November, Lin won the 3rd Haifong Cup, defeating 2-0 Zhou Junxun, and in December won the 4th Taiwan Qisheng, defeating 2-1 Zhou Junxun.

valerio: The list of complete games between Lin Zhihan and Chen Shien is on an italian blog ([ext]!9A59FBB933BD0668!588.entry). Lin's record for 2008 is 56-20 (as of 2008-10-10: the higher number of wins in the world; Lee Changho has 53-15). Lin and Chen will compete in the finals for Guoshou Title (2008-10-30) and Zhonghuan (2008-11-06), also. Zhou Junxun don't compete in 2008 domestic tournaments ([ext] Please, correct my very bad English.

ofap?: presumably 'winning average of at most 30%' should be 'winning average of at least 70%', but please could someone who actually reads Chinese check the original sources & edit!

jwaytogo: Just to clarify, the source reads that for each year, the player must have a win rate of at least 30% for the games won in that year to count towards the 120 required at the 8p rank to promote to 9p. Have edited the page accordingly. I have amended "the strongest" player since that is quite contentious.

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