Zhou Ruiyang

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Zhou Ruiyang
Zhou Ruiyang (周睿羊)

Zhou Ruiyang (周睿羊, b. 8 March 1991 in Guangdong, China) is a Chinese, professional 9-dan of the Zhongguo Weiqi Xiehui. He has been regularly ranked between #1 and #4 under the Zhongguo Weiqi Xiehuiís Elo ranking system since December 31 2010[1]; and is ranked #2 as of August 2014.[2]

Zhou began playing go at the age of seven. He is popularly known for not having attended a professional go school or having a professional teacher, but reached professional 1d in 2002. In 2004, he won his first title, the 17th Wanbao Cup. In 2005, he won the U-15 section of the Fujitsu Cup, and was promoted to 3d the same year. In 2006, Zhou became the youngest challenger for a big title by defeating Kong Jie in the Tianyuan challenger final, and he was promoted to 4d the same year. In 2007, Zhou became the youngest titleholder in China by winning the 14th Xinren Wang, and was promoted to 5d the same year. In December 2008, Zhou broke into the top ten of the Chinese rankings and has been there since. In 2013, Zhou upset the Chinese go world by defeating Chen Yaoye, who had been in excellent form, 3-0 in the first Bailing Cup. He was promoted to 9d as a result; and finished the year out with three title wins.

Rank Promotion

  • 2002: 1-dan
  • 2005: 3-dan
  • 2006: 4-dan
  • 2007: 5-dan
  • 2013: 9-dan, for winning the 1st Bailing Cup



  • Zhou has played as GoldHammer? on Tygem.




lian xiao zhou ruiyang 2nd new qisheng 2014 (Image credit: 0)
lian xiao zhou ruiyang 2nd new qisheng 2014 (Image credit: Foxwq.com)


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