Chen Yaoye

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Chen Yaoye
Chen Yaoye (陈耀烨)

Chen Yaoye (陈耀烨, Chén Yào Yè, b. 16 December 1989) is a Chinese, professional 9-dan. In 2012-2013 Chen was #1 in the Chinese Ranking and in the World Ranking; in November 2013 he became the fourth Cinese Tianyuan and Mingren at the same time, after Liu Xiaoguang (in 1988), Ma Xiaochun (1994) and Gu Li (2004).


An Younggil has said that, "Chen’s style of play is very solid and territorial. He’s good at erasing his opponents’ influence and moyo." As such, he "take territory first and then invades. ... Chen is very good at sabaki." "He never rushes, but plays very safely and solidly," that his "defense is very solid and accurate," and although he "doesn't play gently even when he's in the lead," when winning he tries to simplify the game where he can.[1][2]

Regarding Chen's previous record against other Korean players and Choi Cheolhan, Younggil further said:

Chen Yaoye is very strong against Korean players. Especially against Choi Cheolhan. ... I think it’s because Chen’s style of play is very solid, and it makes it hard for Choi to lead the games towards his preferred dynamic fighting style.[1]

Rank Promotion

  • 2000: 1-dan
  • 2001: 2-dan
  • 2002: 3-dan
  • 2004: 4-dan
  • 2005: 5-dan
  • 2007: 9-dan - For getting at least two runner-ups in international tournaments.




[1]Source: Go Commentary: Chen Yaoye vs Choi Cheolhan – 16th China Korea Tengen: [ext]

[2]Source: Go Commentary: Chen Yaoye vs Lee Sedol – 9th Chunlan Cup Final: [ext]

[3]Commentary of games four & five in Go World Iss. 108 pp. 32-36.

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