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Here is a table of joseki, organized by initial corner play, approach move and response.

4-4 point josekis

The 4-4 point is currently the most popular play in an open corner, followed closely by the 4-3 point. Together, these points account for over 90% of first plays in an open corner.

Low approach

The low approach to a 4-4 point is far and away the most popular approach move, far more popular than all others combined, in fact. Any other approach is generally seen as requiring "special circumstances".


Extending is the most popular way to respond to an approach.

Low pincers

High pincers


The 12 starting points for joseki given in the tables above cover the 12 most popular responses to the low approach. Other responses are possible, of course, including tenuki. For a full list of all the options, see 4-4 point low approach.

Other approaches

Other approaches to a 4-4 stone are very rare, and only played under special circumstances.

4-4point distant low approach 4-4point distant high approach
Distant approaches (click a or b)  

3-4 point josekis

Low approach

Low approach (covered in Ishida volume 1)



Low pincers

High pincer

Contact moves

High approach

High approach (covered in Ishida volume 2):

BQM22, BQM25, BQM34, BQM77.

Other approaches

3-3 point Josekis

(covered in Ishida volume 3)

BQM15, BQM23, BQM58, BQM 87.

3-5 point Josekis

(covered in Ishida volume 2)


4-5 point Josekis

(covered in Ishida volume 3)

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