3-4 point, high approach, outside contact

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3-4 point high approach outside contact sansan
Upper tsuke  

We discuss B3: White has two possible answers at a and b. Other moves are rare; c will be discussed on 3-4 point high approach outside contact, push

Black's intention is to develop along the left side and perhaps into the center. White can choose for a strong position at the upper side with a, or try to take the corner with b. Especially the latter move is likely to start some extremely complex variations. White should not play this move if the ladder[101] is bad for her.

Outside Contact at B2

Outside contact play (1)  
Outside contact play (2)  


After the hane W4, drawing back (hiki) with B5 is most common. Next the hanging connection W6 is the traditional variation, while White a is more modern. White can also go straight for the center with White b, allowing Black a rather large corner.

Black extends  

The second option at B5 is this extension. Then W6 and B7 next are natural. After this comes the turning point of the joseki. W8 here is the most common move, but leads to complex variations. White can instead choose other, more peaceful moves, but the result is regarded slightly better for Black.


The ladder in question  
The ladder in question  

Patrick Taylor: I find it odd that the continuations for Black are not on this page (maybe they're too obvious for the target audience?). Since this page has already been so nicely edited, I'll put the diagrams in /BlackContinuations until a polished version can be published.

Of course if these diagrams are elswhere on the site, feel free to delete these comments and link to them from this page.

erikpan: I tried to play this joseki recently but was answered in this way:

Attempted cut of the keima  

The obvious move is possibly a, from 'don't let the keima be cut'; but are there any other options for this joseki?

LukeNine45: B5 absolutely must be at a. Only time it may be elsewhere is if W4 was a ko threat. If black plays anywhere else, white will play a, and then B3 for W4 will have been a terrible exchange for black.


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