35 Point Low Approach Two Space High Pincer

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Two-space high pincer  

This pincer was a favourite of Sakata Eio when he was in his prime, in the 1960s. There aren't many variations that are commonly played.

Main variation  

This is the normal variation. Now Black can play at a, or sometimes b; tenuki at this point is also often seen.

White 3 at 5 is an old idea of Kitani.

Attachment var 1  

White can also attach on top like this, after which the move up to B8 are a normal continuation.

For followups from here, see 3-5 point low approach, pincer, attach on approach, develop on both sides

Attachment var 2  

Black can wedge too and we get this kind of development with next moves at a, b or c.

Attachment var 3  

This seemingly crude variation has also been played in at least 25 professional games. Here the original pincer black+circle is sacrificed in favour of thickness towards the centre and right side. Incidentally, the order of W6 and W8 is important and interesting.

Wrong order (W5 @ black+circle)  

Although played in at least 1 pro game, W1 here can be problematic if Black counters with B2. In the opening, there would be no playable ko here, so W5 must fill. Next W7 is forced and after B8, White faces trouble in the corner or the centre. This does not look very attractive for White, though deeper analysis of this position is required.

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