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[ext] LearnToPlayGo.com (hereafter LTPG) is a new site I am working on.

The purposes of the site are:

  • Provide absolute beginners with an extensive introduction, with many examples and exercises, to reach 30 kyu (roughly)
  • Provide this intro course in many languages, all within the same consistent framework, look & feel, etc.
  • Provide study material for many levels of play, with an easy way to present the material in different languages

To do this, I have set up a website based on the drupal web framework. This allows easy internationalization. Drupal provides translation packages of most of the interface elements in many languages. Their i18n (internationalization) package allows editors an easy way to translate pages into new languages, while keeping different language versions of the same article related. This means that when reading a particular version (eg, the English version), readers will automatically be presented with the choice to read an article in any other language to which it has been translated. The final goal of all this is to provide countries with a small playing population a relatively easy way to set up a professional looking online intro course.

The ranking ladder

[ext] The ranking ladder of LTPG starts its bottom at 60 kyu, and provides small learning related steps from there to 30 kyu (this is an idea I took from [ext] http://playgo.to/interactive/ which is an excellent introduction to the game.

Books Planned

The first book currently has a working title of "First Steps in Go", and the followup is planned as "The Next Step in Go". For now, I will use the following codenames:

1. Nobi (First Steps in Go)

Aimed at beginners (<30kyu). Basic rules, basic techniques (ladder, geta, etc), rules for counting, basic tactics and strategy.

2. Kosumi (The Next Step in Go)

Aimed at very weak players (30-23kyu). Shape, tactics, "strong" and "weak" stones. Many tsumego

3. Ikkentobi (Jump ahead in Go)

Aimed at weak players (22-16 kyu). Opening strategy, basics on joseki, direction of play, moyos.

4. Keima (?)

Aimed at weak players (22-16 kyu)

5. Nikentobi (?)

Aimed at below average players (15-10kyu)

6. Ogeima (?)

Aimed at below average players (15-10kyu)

7. Hazamatobi (?)

Aimed at below average players (15-10kyu)

Help wanted

If you want to help make this site a reality, any help is appreciated. The most important thing in the beginning (IMO) is translating the introduction course into many languages.

kb: Herman, I'd love to help, but I can't do much translating (my Chinese is probably at a 3rd-4th graders' level), although I might be able to translate some and then have a proofreader go over it. I could help work on some of your books, though, as I've taught a lot of beginners.

kb, help on writing the books would also be great! All help is highly appreciated. If you create an account at the site (link under the login box) and mention over here when you've done so, I'll give the account editing privileges. Editing requires some basic knowledge of html, but not overly much.

Done - I do coding for a living, so HTML is no problem.

Ok, I have created an editor role and put your account in it. This should allow you to do everything you need, but if you run in to trouble, let me know.

Some tips:

  • I create images with multigo. Board size 7x7, file -> save board as picture. Format: png, Image size: 240, Add space: 0.85, Show coordinates.
  • You can upload images to the site by choosing "Create Content" from the menu, then "Image". Once uploaded, check some of the pages already written to see how to refer to images.
  • You can find the id number of an image in the url once you have created the image, or through the Administer menu, under "Content".
  • If things are not showing up the way you expect, check the "input format" link directly under the edit area. Here you can turn on "Full HTML" support.
  • Close your pages with a <br clear="all"/> to make sure the previous/up/next navigation bar doesn't get squished by images.

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