4-4 point low approach one-space high pincer

    Keywords: Joseki

This pincer discourages tenuki.

There are some interesting variations when Black tries to steal White's base.

One-space high pincer  

This pincer aims at playing next at a.

One-point jump out is usual  

W2 next is normal. Also played are the 3-3 invasion at a, the attachments at b and c, and the double kakaris at d and e.


This is joseki, but White has no reason to be dissatisfied; compared to the catenaccio joseki White has better aji.


B1 is often played now immediately after the joseki. Later Black can aim at making a big ko with B3 and B5.

Charles See ko preparation for some examples of this.

Black intervenes  

Therefore B1 is played in an attempt to force White. If White simply answers at a, Black can go back happily to b.


White more often plays the atekomi at W1 here to gain some shape. Black simply connects at B2, and White takes the corner with W3. Black's payoff comes with B4, when White can answer at a as well as the safe b.


Black can cut with B2 but has to return to B4 in gote; so W5 lives in the corner, and a fight has broken out in the centre. Black usually plays B6. White has some bad shape but also has chance to capture B2, since Black's forcing moves at a and b to connect it cause shortage of liberties.

Charles Matthews

White 5 connects.  

This seems too good for black, so maybe White doesn't try to connect immediately? Jared

Both overconcentrated, balanced result.  

White won't actually play where you suggested but there, thus cutting black. Continuation at a for black. Leviathan

Something completely different.  

A move at W1 would seem pretty interesting, too. -- anonymous

Something completely different (ii)  

Charles But White gets bad shape:


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