3-4 point low approach knights move extension

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Knight's move after low approach  

Common continuations are

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Inside contact

Inside contact joseki  

It may be constructive to compare this joseki with the josekis at 34PointLowApproachThreeSpaceLowPincer#diagonalAttachment and 34PointLowApproachThreeSpaceLowPincer#cornerAttachment.


Extension joseki  

Extending at W3 or a is peaceful for both sides. W3 at a is discussed at honte lib 1.



The approach at W3 is usually a show of strength either at the top side or the left side, and leaves Black with a open skirt. Black usually chooses to pincer at either a or b.

Defending the corner  

If the pincers are infeasible, defending the corner by B4 and B6 is common. However, the Black stones are inefficient.

If Black is able to foresee that W3 would be a severe move, then B2 might not be a suitable response to W1. In this case, Black may consider playing B2 at a instead. See 3-4 point low approach two space extension for more information.

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