3-4 point high approach, two-space high pincer, inside attachment

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Joseki
Inside attachment  

For a long time this was considered as not joseki. However in the [ext] first game of the AlphaGo - Lee Seedol match this sequence was chosen, reminding us that we should not be too dismissive.

Bad for White?  

The Suzuki - Kitani Small Joseki Dictionary gives this as bad for White.

As of late 2023, KataGo rates this as pretty much equal (i.e. about as good as the more common joseki starting with W2 at B5), and says that white can tenuki now (or earlier, after B3). It looks as though KataGo is making a whole-board judgement that it's enough for white to come away with sente, even if white's group isn't settled, and perhaps follow a one weak group strategy (this is xela's interpretation, so don't trust it...)


Charles Matthews These moves were played in Awaji Shuzo-Rin Kaiho (B) 1994-02-24, colours reversed. Normally black+circle is considered to end up on a very good attacking point. In that case the position in the lower right, as we look at it, had a floating black group to take into consideration; so that the middle game had started.

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