3-4 point distant low approach

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The distant approaches allow black to take the corner territory easily, but avoid the violent fighting that can result from a pincer against a closer approach. For a context where the distant approach is commonly used, see Kobayashi fuseki.

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3-4 point distant low approach kosumi 3-4 point distant low approach, one-space low pincer 3-4 point distant low approach shoulder hit 34PointDistantLowApproachPincer#02 34PointDistantLowApproachPincer#01 3-4 point distant low approach tenuki
distant low approach  

B2 at

White can choose this approach (kakari) to avoid a severe pincer.
Black's answers to the distant low approach include:

  • The kosumi at a emphasising the corner is by far the most common answer.
  • The shoulder hit at b is played when Black is aiming to develop the left side, notably in the Kobayashi fuseki.
  • The pincer at c emphasises the right side.
  • Tenuki variations are not uncommon.
  • Other possible answers are the other pincers or extensions along the left side.

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W3 at a is gaining popularity recently. And was the most common answer in 2009.

Shoulder hit

shoulder hit  


one-space low pincer  


B2 tenuki  

Other moves

one-space high pincer  
two-space high pincer  

More on the distant low approach

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