3-4 point low approach three-space high pincer

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Three-space high pincer  

This is the lightest pincer available to Black, and is therefore suitable when White occupies the right corner and plans to play a counter-pincer. Joseki for it began to be developed when pros' obsession with the two-space high pincer started to decrease - which was around 1975, so that Ishida First Edition can't be relied upon.

White's common replies  

Jumping out at a is seen most often. White b, c and d are also common. For d, see 34PointLowApproachThreeSpaceHighPincerTaisha. White's tenuki here isn't so common, understandable if Black played this pincer to avoid the pincer stone coming under strong attack.

Charles Matthews

See also Paris 2005 Burzo-Motoki

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