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Events of the 2010s. Note that some estimations of dates of release and foundation aren't entirely certain.

Tournament Editions

Sensei's Library

  • 2010: 20,000 articles reached
  • 2012: 21,000
  • 2016: 22,000


  • 2013: Go is played at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.
  • 2013: Fan Tingyu wins the Ing Cup and becomes the youngest ever nine dan professional at sixteen years old.
  • 2015: Park Junghwan wins the LG Cup, the only time it was won by a Korean between 2008 (Lee Sedol) and 2020 (Shin Jinseo).


  • 2010: Gu Li loses the Mingren, which he had held since 2004.
  • 2016: Mi Yuting wins the Quzhou-Lanke Cup, the most prestigious Chinese tournament. Nick Sibicky declares 2016 the year of Mi Yuting and reviews four of his games.
  • 2017: Chen Yaoye loses the Tianyuan, which he had held since 2009 in the longest ever run.


  • 2011: Iyama Yuta wins his first Tengen. He wins it almost every year of the decade.
  • 2011: Iyama Yuta wins his first Judan. He wins it half the years of the decade.
  • 2012: Iyama Yuta wins his first Honinbo. He holds the title into the 2020s in the longest ever streak.
  • 2012: Iyama Yuta wins his first Oza. He wins it most of the decade.
  • 2012: Iyama Yuta wins his first Gosei. He holds it until 2018.
  • 2013: Iyama Yuta wins his first Kisei. He holds it until 2021.
  • 2013: Iyama Yuta regains the Meijin. He wins it most of the decade.
  • 2016: Iyama Yuta becomes the first to simultaneously hold all seven big Japanese titles.
  • 2016: Xie Yimin wins the Women's Meijin for a record eighth time. She also wins the Women's Kido Prize for a ninth time, making another record.
  • 2017: Fujisawa Rina wins her first Women's Meijin. She holds it into the 2020s.
  • 2017: Xie Yimin wins the Women's Kisei for the seventh time and the Women's Honinbo for the eighth time, both records.
  • 2017: Sugiuchi Masao, the oldest ever active professional, passes away at 97 years old.


  • 2010: Rui Naiwei breaks her record for the most total and consecutive wins of the Women's Myeongin, bringing them to nine and six respectively. She had held these records since 2002, almost the inception of the tournament.
  • 2011: Rui Naiwei breaks her Women's Myeongin record for the final time, with ten total wins and seven consecutive.
  • 2012: Choi Jung wins the Women's Myeongin, her first title.


  • 2012: The AGA professional system is founded. Andy Liu and Gansheng Shi qualify as the first AGA professionals. Liu is the first USA professional and Shi the first Canadian.
  • 2017: The film The Surrounding Game is published, a documentary about aspiring American professionals.
  • 2019: The US Go Congress is held in Wisconsin for the first time.


  • 2011: Matthew Macfadyen wins the British Championship for his 25th and final time since 1978.
  • 2014: The EGF professional system is founded. Ali Jabarin and Pavol Lisy qualify as the first EGF professionals. Jabarin is the first Israeli professional and Lisy is the first Slovakian.
  • 2015: Mateusz Surma qualifies with the EGF as the first Polish professional.


  • 2013: OGS merges with NovaGS to form the modern server.
  • 2015: GoKibitz and Go Ratings are founded.


  • 2010: dwyrin posts his first Go video.
  • 2015: Noah Doss starts a series of 17 video reviews of Cho Chikun games, which lasts until 2017.

Software and AI

  • 2010: GnuGo ends development.
  • 2015: AlphaGo wins a match against Fan Hui.
  • 2016: AlphaGo wins a match against Lee Sedol. It then defeats sixty professionals online in the "Master series".
  • 2019: Lee Sedol retires with a match against Korean bot Handol.
  • 2019: KataGo is released.

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