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GoDiscussions.com was an English language Go internet forum. It ran successfully for several years before closing down due to a lack of maintenance. It was replaced in early 2010 by Life in 19x19, a site set up by the GoDiscussions community, and the GoDiscussions.com domain was allowed to lapse in July 2010. The GoDiscussions.com database was preserved with the support of the original owner, but isn't publicly accessible.

The community had players of all skill levels, as well as many developers of popular Go software.


GoDiscussions, commonly referred to as "GD", was initially set up by Don as a reaction against the atmosphere in the rec.games.go newsgroup, aiming at a more constructive and family-friendly level of discourse.

As Don stated: "This site is first and foremost a discussion forum for Go players, the ancient strategy board game from Asia. It started shortly after I began looking for a thriving discussion forum for Go and couldn't find one."


The GoDiscussions site had the following features:

  • A discussion forum where all the buzz took place.
  • A product database with reviews and ratings.
  • An events calendar.
  • Real World Go Map which is an [ext] interactive map of real-world go resources and players.
  • Space for setting up modest blogs and personal profiles (for registered users).
  • A Game Ladder for GoDiscussions members to play against each other.
  • Sub-forums for individual Go clubs.

Replacement by Life in 19x19

The owner of GoDiscussions lacked the time to maintain the site, and it fell into disrepair. Eventually, the community decided to move to Life in 19x19.

Prior to the move, there was some discussions regarding the replacement. These discussions are kept for historical purposes in the Replacing GoDiscussions page.

As of July 2010, GoDiscussions was formally closed by the original owner, and the domain name was allowed to lapse. The site has been replaced in its entirety by Life in 19x19.

While the site is still up (oct.'2012) the site's main page shows the content from about 2 or 3 years ago and all links lead to Nirvana. A database dump has been handed over to coders at Lifein19x19 (july 2010), but it is corrupted (possibly the reason for the GD-problems) and up to now, there was no success for making the archive available. If someone thinks, he/she can help: ask Jordus of Lifein19x19 for the db-dump (see message [ext] https://lifein19x19.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=74448#p74448 , aug.2011).

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