Golaxy (Chinese: 星阵围棋) is a go-playing program from China developed by the Beijing-based company Shenke Technology (Chinese: 深客科技). Its name derives from a modification of the word galaxy.[1]

In April-May 2018, Golaxy played 70 games against professionals, including top players Park Junghwan and Ke Jie, and won all, except for three. It can apparently play with variable komi, unlike other AlphaGo-inspired bots. In April 2018, it beat LeelaZero 5-2; however, the match/hardware configurations have been criticized and at certain points Golaxy handicapped itself by playing high opening moves.[2]


[1] Some people have mistakenly called the program Galaxy and/or assumed the name was an unintentional misspelling. (See [ext] /Discussion for more information.)

Golaxy can be purchased from kibabaduk@naver.com in the form of a physical go board that lights up indicating the intersection on which to play the AI's stones. Korean born 8p Young Sun Yoon recently lost to the board, with the human player being given 2 handicap stones. The board is available with an English, Korean, or Chinese interface and retails for 1,000,000 won as of Jan. 2020.


[2] [Vargo] & [hydrogenpi7]. (April 2018). LZ v Golaxy [Online forum comment]. Retrieved on August 9, 2018 from [ext] https://lifein19x19.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=15613

Golaxy official discord server: [ext] https://discord.gg/92zXjuna9D

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