Chinese: 绝艺 (ju y)
Japanese: 絶芸 (zetsu gei)
Korean: -

FineArt, also known as JueYi (the rendering in Pinyin of its Chinese name 绝艺), is a strong go program developed by Chinese tech company Tencent following AlphaGo's appearance and demonstration of the power of deep learning techniques in early 2016. Within a year it reached strong professional level and was the first user to be awarded 10 dan on the Fox Go server for its high win-rate against top 9 dans. It won the 10th Computer Go UEC Cup and was widely seen as the 2nd strongest AI after AlphaGo but only finished 3rd in the 1st World AI Go Open: losing to CGI in the preliminaries and then DeepZenGo in the knockout. In 2018 was the convincing winner of the Tencent World AI Weiqi Competition, beating Golaxy 7-0 in the final.

FineArt is so strong that it now systematically gives handicap on Fox Go. The version 绝艺指导A (FineArt Teaching A) gives 2 stones (but receives a komi of 6.5) and wins about 97% of its recent games against 9D or higher. The version 绝艺指导E gives 2 stones with a komi of 0.0 and wins about 93% of its games against 9D or higher.

Tournaments and matches

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