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101Weiqi (101围棋网) is a popular Chinese weiqi [ext] site. It is best known for its complete, well-maintained problem collection. Besides, it also has features such as playing games, downloading kifus and pattern search.

Only Chinese-language access is provided on the site, but a guide has been produced detailing navigation for English speakers.

Users can submit new problems to the site, rate a problem, add new lines to a problem and leave comments. When a new problem is submitted, it takes time for admins to verify its validness and add it to the pool. In August 2021, there were 129,385 problems in use, 67,586 waiting to be approved to enter the pool and 38,239 removed from the pool. Each problem is assigned a difficulty level which ranges from 15 kyu to 7 dan.

There is a guide to using the site, hosted on Imgur: the [ext] Short Introduction to 101Weiqi.

Problem categories

There are currently three major categories of problems: life and death, tesuji and semeai. Other categories include capturing, trick play, appreciation, opening, endgame, midgame, emulation, guess next move, theory.

Training modes

Users can access problems in a variety of forms: Daily, Skill test, Single problem, Homework, Collection, Battle.

[ext] Daily problems: Eight problems of varying difficulty are featured on the front page daily, from around 10 kyu up to 6 dan. Click a problem to attempt it.

[ext] Skill test(棋力测试): Select a level from 15 kyu to 7 dan and you will be given a set of 10 problems roughly around that difficulty from categories life and death, tesuji and semeai. Each problem can only be attempted once and has a time limit of 45 seconds for the whole sequence. Success is achieved if at least 8 out of 10 problems are solved. Clearing a level for the first time will unlock the next level. Also called "guan" by the English-speaking community because it appears in the URL.

[ext] Single problem(做一题): Also known as the rating mode. As the name suggests, a single random problem is provided. The number of attempts (one or two), time limit, difficulty, and type of problem provided can be set in the [ext] Single problem settings page (or the link 做一题设置 near the top of the problem page.)

[ext] Battle(巅峰对决): A 1v1 problem solving challenge against another user. The players are given problems; solving one will advance their marker around a circle, and the player that catches up to their opponent's marker (by solving more problems faster) wins.

Terminology guide

[ext] This Google Doc explains in English 86 Chinese terms used on the site. Some parts of 101Weiqi have recently been paywalled, and the sets linked in the Google Doc reportedly no longer work.

Here is a reproduction of the core two columns of the table.

Chinese English
吃子 Baochi
吃子方向 Capture direction
逃子 Escape
逃子方向 Escape direction
抱吃和包吃 Atari and capture
门吃 Capture by atari (menchi)
双打 Double atari
接不归 Connect and die
扑吃 Snapback
枷吃和夹吃 Net
征子 Ladder
挖吃 Wedge
对杀 Capturing race
紧气 Liberty-filling tesuji
延气 Liberty-extending tesuji
有眼杀无眼 One eye vs no eye
大眼杀小眼 Big eye vs small eye
连接 Connection
切断 Cutting
双活 Seki
联络 Connection tesuji
滚打包收 Squeeze
龟不出头 Crane's nest
倒扑 Snapback (again)
两扳长一气 Extending liberties by two hane
Bamboo joint
打二还一 Sending two, returning one
三目死活 Three point life & death
四目死活 Four point life & death
五目死活 Five point life & death
六目死活 Six point life & death
打劫 Ko
连环劫 Double ko
基础死活 Basic life & death
做眼 Making eyes
聚杀 nakade
破眼 Destroying eyes
布局基础 Opening basics
棋形 Shape
简单官子 Simple endgame
胀牯牛 Squash / crush (oshitsubushi)
七死八活 Seven die but eight live
大猪嘴 J group / Large pig's snout
小猪嘴 Tripod group with extra leg / Small pig's snout
盘角曲四 Bent four in the corner
金柜角 Carpenter's square
金鸡独立 Golden chicken standing on one leg
左右同型 Symmetrical positions
一一妙手 1-1 point
一二妙手 1-2 point
Squeeze (again)
Cut (again)
Tiger's mouth
One point jump
Wedge (again)
Throw in
Strike at the waist of the keima
Connecting underneath
Underneath attachment
Net (again)
弃子 Sacrifice
相思断 Crosscut
倒脱靴 Under the stones
大头鬼 Tombstone squeeze
黄莺扑蝶 Patting the raccoon's belly
老鼠偷油 Mouse stealing oil
盘龙眼 Two headed dragon
整形 Correct shape
攻击 Attacking
腾挪 Sabaki
涛哥十佳 Yu Qingquan Top 10
盲点 Blind spot

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