Redmond's Reviews


Michael Redmond reviews his own games, historic games, and more with Chris Garlock of the American Go Journal on YouTube.

Link to the playlist: [ext]

Episode Title Link
1 Artem Kachanovskyi 1p v. Alexandr Dinerstein 3p [ext]
2 Honinbo Dosaku 9P v. Kikukawa Yuseki 5P [ext]
3 Michael Redmond 9P v. Kobayashi Izumi 6P [ext]
4 Honinbo Dosaku 9P v. Yasui Chitetsu 7P [ext]
5 Michael Redmond 9P v. Matsumoto Takeshi 7P [ext]
6 Kobayashi Koichi 9P v. Michael Redmond 9P [ext]
7 Michael Redmond 9p v. Kyo Kagen 4p [ext]
8 Redmond 9p v. Kuwabara 1p [ext]
9 Rin Kaiho 9p v. Redmond 9p [ext]
10 Redmond 9p v. Mizokami 9p [ext]
11 Redmond 9p v. Numadate 6p [ext]
12 Redmond 9p v. Akiyama 9p [ext]
13 Redmond 9p v. Cho U 9p [ext]
14 Honinbo Shuwa vs Inoue Genan Inseki [ext]
15 Michael Redmond 9P vs Ishida Yoshio 9P [ext]
16 Michael Redmond 9P vs Otake Hideo 9P [ext]
17 Michael Redmond 9P vs. Takao Shinji 9P [ext]
18 Michael Redmond 9P vs. Ri Ishu 8P [ext]
19 Michael Redmond 9P vs Kudo Norio 9P [ext]
20 Michael Redmond 9P vs Shiraishi Yuichi 7P [ext]
21 Michael Redmond 9P vs Tozawa Akinobu 9P [ext]
22 Yasui Sanchi 7P vs Honinbo Shusaku 6P [ext]
23 Michael Redmond 9P vs Kobayashi Satoru 9P [ext]
24 Honinbo Dosaku vs Yasui Santetsu (The Tengen Game) [ext]
25 Michael Redmond 9p vs Yao Zhi Teng 5p [ext]
26 Go Seigen 9p vs Yamabe Toshiro 6p in 1953 [ext]
27 Ke Jie 9p vs Xie Ke 8p [ext]
28 Michael Redmond 9p vs O Meien 9p [ext]
29 Sakata Eio 7p vs Hosokawa Chihiro 7p [ext]

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