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Started playing the game a few months ago. Turns out to be a very stressful hobby. Editing Sensei's library is more fun.

Table of contents

Books I owned and reviews

All are from SmartGo Books. Very affordable. I hope they publish more out-of-print books and keep including DRM-free epubs. The popular One Thousand and One Life-and-Death Problems and Get Strong at Tesuji probably will never be published on SmartGo Books. I'd guess because the physical copies still sell relatively well. Anyways, the reviews:

  • James Davies' Tesuji: starts simple, but my head hurts at the longer reading problems, so I put it down for now

I'm going through the Level Up! books for now. Drilling simple problems is probably more useful than reading theory books that are too difficult for me. Dunno. I'll go back playing after I finished them. I know this is going against the essay One Day, All of a Sudden from the Anti-Suji's book. Or the many SL pages like Fear of Losing. But meh.

Books I want to get but probably won't

Because I feel I'm on a slippery slope of becoming a book collector. Unless some of these ancient out-of-print books comes with a ghost, they are unlikely to magically improve my game.


  • Lee Chang-ho’s Endgame Techniques Vol. 1-2. I like the preview too. Too bad the 3rd volume probably won't ever get released in English.

Tsumego, Tesuji, and problem collections

  • Speed Baduk series. Let's hope the reprints sell well enough, so Hebsacker Verlag can reprint the whole series. And possibly other out-of-print Oromedia and other Korean publisher's books.
  • Yi Kuo. Surprisingly impossible to find even in Chinese.
    • Figured it out. It's only available as a part of ancient Chinese manuals set. tchan001's blog lists 2 such sets. Chinese Historical Weiqi Game Records (30 Volumes) and Chinese Weiqi Ancient Manuals Complete Collection (10 books/24 volumes). That's why it's difficult to buy the single book.


  • Learn Ko Fight from Actual Games of Cho U.


  • 呉清源思い出の十八局 今ならこう打つ

Project ideas

SL page I wanna write or edit

  • list of paid online video lectures/online go school (Guo Juan, Magic, Awesome Baduk, Baduk Doctor's planned website)
    • I'll wait until some of the upcoming ones are ready/out of beta.
  • List of patreon?
  • List of Discord servers?, because some of them are hard to find. But it's probably against the community wishes. A lot of them share temporary invites for a reason.
  • list of blogs, again too much overlap with Go Blogs, and no really active blogs from what I can see, at least quality ones
  • list of websites including less-known ones (joseki farm, black to play, gokibitz, zbaduk, baduk.club, [ext] http://gustav.ml/counting, [ext] https://count.4tc.xyz/, dailyjoseki.com, gotoeveryone.k2ss.info, ...), probably not the blatantly copyright-infringing tsumego/problem collection websites like tsumego hero
  • A copy of [ext] Tygem 8D advice with proper names of the books. And other similar articles that will be down soon or later, because baduk blogs are ephemeral existences.
  • anki or spaced repetition workflow, like how to efficiently create an anki decks from common patterns/problems/sgf
  • CJK rosetta stone for Baduk terms (before you reinvent the wheel, check this OGS forums [ext] post I made in February -- feel free to reuse aI think some pnything you want, ofc -- bugcat)
    • [ext] http://english.baduk.or.kr/sub04_01.htm?menu=f14 KBA's baduk terms page is a good start.
    • Reminder to find what Korean term "hurricane" means. Mentioned by Kim Myungwan in his review of Shin Jinseo vs Park Junghwan, game 5 of 2nd 남자 최고 기사 결정전 title match. Seems to be some kind of ladder + squeeze. Korean term for guru guru mawashi doesn't seem to contain any word similar to hurricane.
    • Go Terms by Chihyung Nam seems to be a good reference.
  • Tapir/PagesThatNeedRegularUpdate? Unnecessary busy work imo. Better to just delete the ones like top players/ratings lists.
  • Out of print go books is another unnecessary busy work. Too many books are out of print. Not even sure how to start with that page.
  • Add Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters/hangul to names. Like people's names and Baduk terms. As a start, [ext] https://senseis.xmp.net/?CJKTranslationMissing
    • Also add KBA, Nihon Ki-in, Kansai Ki-in profiles. The Chinese ones are more difficult to find. Impossible even.
    • I thought the players' page were pulled from gobase.org's database automatically. Because they are stubs and written by Charles Matthews. Who I believe has some relation to the website. But gobase.org doesn't have a lot of the players listed in their database. I guess the source was a different database.
    • After reading List of Korean names, List of Chinese names, and List of Japanese names, I'd guess these player's profile pages on SL are added programmatically from unreliable sources. This explains the sparse nature of the pages and incorrect information like dates and ranks. (edit: I misunderstood. My bad.)
  • Add Chinese edition of Japanese/Korean books. Especially out-of-print ones. Because for some reason the Chinese translations are usually easier to get.
  • Add info about Yike Weiqi server to Go Servers (never mind, that page only lists servers with English interface) and other relevant pages. Plus how to register for an account.
  • Fix and add entries in Movies and Television, write SL page of more popular entries. Things to add: upcoming Cho Hun-hyeon movie, Hikaru no Go cdrama, Reply 1988, etc.
  • Update Buying Equipment.
    • Obvious first step is to email the local Go association for shops recommendation.
  • An updated guide to purchase books from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan.
    • Plus reviews of redirect/agent service.
  • Suggest a promotion record template like pros' wikipedia page. 1 dan in this year and so on in a table.
  • Figure out how to link [Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia]/Ben0.
  • List of national associations. Argentine, etc.

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