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Blog is the shortened form of WebLog. They tend to be a mixture of personal thoughts, essays, links and commentary. If you are planning to make one, take a look at the special How to host a go site.

Chinese Blogs

Czech Blogs

  • [ext] eGoban -- Ivan Kostka 4d -- CZECH GO NEWS --- discontinued in favour of the official association website

English Blogs

French Blogs

  • add your blog here ...

German Blogs

Italian Blogs

Japanese Blogs

Spanish Blogs

Romanian Blogs

  • [ext] Despre Go - "Despre Go" means "About Go" in Romanian

Turkish Blogs

Vietnamese Blogs


(Blogs which are not Go-centric but that occasionally or often touch upon Go)

Defunct/Inactive Watchlist


  • [ext] Go of Ten -- Antti Törmänen 1p (Nihon Ki-in) from Finland
  • [ext] Cavego - 3k KGS - a player introspects on reading problems while working on the Gokyo Shumyo
  • [ext] Go Game Guru -- An Younggil 8p and David Ormerod 5d (Inactive since Dec 2016. In August 2018, the website failed to renew its domain, allowing it to lapse, after which it was taken over by spammers.)
    • Patrick Traill: A bit surprised by the stolen by spammers, as just now (2018-10-03) the home page looked pretty plausible. But the various topic links at the head of the page bring up pretty much the same content, and it does seem a bit thin ...
  • [ext] Alejo's Tenuki -- 3k KGS. At the time of closure, it was the oldest go blog featuring videoreviews...

Other Feeds

The Feeds page has more feeds that may be of interest to Go players.

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