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A good way to improve is getting lessons from strong(er) players. These lessons can take several forms:

Teaching Games

In a teaching game, you play against a stronger opponent who is not necessarily out to win. Instead, he will try to make good moves and teach by example. After the game, the opponent can then review the game with you. It is not uncommon to stop a teaching game at a certain point. Usually this happens when the stronger player suggests to switch to reviewing.

Game Reviews

When you have played a game and recorded it, you can give it to a stronger player for review. The stronger player will look at your moves and comment whether they are, in his opinion, good or bad. He will usually provide alternative moves and give diagrams to show why moves do or do not, work. Getting your games reviewed is very useful. An easy way to get your games reviewed is through the Go Teaching Ladder.

Live Lessons

Live lessons are often given to explain certain concepts. The teacher prepares diagrams and game examples to explain the topic of the lesson. These lessons are usually quite suitable for groups, as they do not focus on any distinct player.

Getting Lessons

There are many places online where you can get lessons at various rates and from players of various strengths. Some strong players that teach are:

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