Chinese Professional List Discrepancies



The [ext] Free World List of Chinese professional players (2009) (if my interpretation of google translate is correct) tries to reconcile a list of 549 chinese pro certificates issued 1982-2008 with another list of 524 active players, and 5 deaths (Guo Chunlin 5 dan in 1990, Wang Yufei 4 dan and Zhao Zhiyun 6 dan in 1996, Hua Weirong 7 dan in 1998, Liu Jun 3 dan in 2004 and Wu Songsheng in 2007). That leaves 20 certificates unaccounted for. He then goes through the china go yearbooks (1987-2003) and finds an additional 24 players (4 too many!). The players are

1 dan

2 dan

  • 刘轶一 Liu Yi I? (Shanghai early 1988, section 1990, Sec 1992, retired)
  • 王存 Wang Cun? (Liaoning early 1988, section 1989, Sec 1992, retired)
  • 史鸿奕 Shi Hongyi? (beginning of 1989, Section 1990 Sec 1994, retired)

3 dan

  • 董可羽 Dong Keyu? (Zhejiang segment in early 1987, 1988, Sec 1989, three sections in 1992, retired)
  • 郭明鑫 Guo Mingxin (early 2002 section)
  • 刘钧 Liu Jun (Shanghai early 1988, section 1989, Sec, three sections in 1990, retired 1993)

4 dan

  • 孙国梁 Sun Guoliang? (1987)
  • 李建兵 Lijian Bing? (1987)
  • 章德辉 chapter Gradoville? (1987)
  • 张逅 Zhang Hou? (1987)
  • 傅利 Fu Li (early 1987, Section 1989, Sec 1990, three sections, 1993, Sec, retired in 1995)
  • 黄小牧 Huang Xiaomu? (1987)
  • 韩启宇; Hanqi Yu? (1987)
  • 田向东 Tian Xiangdong? (1987 three sections, Sec 1988, retired 1990)

5 dan

Other players are also mentioned in the following paragraphs of that webpage. Note that with google translate, dan becomes section or paragraph, and both two and four become sec.

valerio: There are many mistakes in translation in this list, but there are also many useful notices on any players. The list on the [ext] Italian blog is complete and covers all Chinese profesional from 1988 (perhaps, some name is wrong, but they are very few, I think). I translated an old list on the [ext] site (from 1988 to 2007), integrated with the translation of the news from 2008 to 2011 (some mistakes are possible for 2009 and 2010). About the discrepance: are the lists of the same year? There are nearly 20 new pros each year.

DuEm6: The Chinese Weiqi Association could have just provided an official list. But they don't even have a working website as of 2021. I wonder how the game is doing in its home country. edit: Seems to be doing ok. News are distributed through WeChat. It partly explains why the websites are a mess.

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