List of Korean professionals


This page is in need of attention.
Reason: The romanization is inaccurate. But List of Korean Names has its own problems too. It'll take a lot of effort to create a proper list. Plus: being organized along an unstable criterium like rank, it is unmaintainable. Better order alphabetically

List of professional players who are from or reside in South Korea.

bugcat: I suggest that instead of ordering by rank or alphabetised romanisation, we copy the hangul ordering of the KBA site. I'm thinking of possibly beginning that project, but I want to make sure that all the professionals on this list have been articled first.

Hankuk Kiwon (KBA)

List of professionals affiliated with Hankuk Kiwon. Based on [ext] the official list on their website.

Pros who teach outside Korea got an "honorary" rank bump to prevent confusion with amateur dan ranks. That's why they are listed lower here.

Automatic romanization was used, so they could be different to the page titles in SL.





  • Ahn Junggi (Hangul: 안정기, RR: An Jeonggi?)
  • Ahn Younggil? (Hangul: 안영길, RR: An Yeonggil?) this is An Younggil, ofc
  • Baek Heungsoo? (Hangul: 백흥수, RR: Baek Heungsu?)
  • Cha Minsoo (Hangul: 차민수, RR: Cha Minsu)
  • Choi Changwon? (Hangul: 최창원, RR: Choe Changwon?) this is Choe Changweon
  • Choi Gihoon? (Hangul: 최기훈, RR: Choe Gihun?) this is Choi Kihoon
  • Choi Moonyong? (Hangul: 최문용, RR: Choe Munyong?) this is Choe Munyeong
  • Han Sangyul? (Hangul: 한상열, RR: Han Sangyeol?) this is Han Sangyeol on Go4Go
  • Jang Myunghan? (Hangul: 장명한, RR: Jang Myeonghan?) this is Chang Myeonghan
  • Jo Kyungho? (Hangul: 조경호, RR: Jo Gyeongho?) this is Cho Kyungho on Go4Go
  • Jung Dongshik? (Hangul: 정동식, RR: Jeong Dongsik?) Jeong Dongsik on Go4Go
  • Kim Chaeyoung? (Hangul: 김채영, RR: Gim Chaeyeong?) this is Kim Chaeyeong
  • Kim Chanwoo? (Hangul: 김찬우, RR: Gim Chanu?) this is Kim Chanu
  • Kim Daeyong? (Hangul: 김대용, RR: Gim Daeyong?) this is Kim Daeyoung on Go4Go
  • Kim Dongho (Hangul: 김동호, RR: Gim Dongho?)
  • Kim Jinwoo? (Hangul: 김진우, RR: Gim Jinu?) this is Kim Jinwoo on Go4Go
  • Kim Joonyoung? (Hangul: 김준영, RR: Gim Junyeong?) this is Kim Joonyeong on Go4Go
  • Kim Sooyong (Hangul: 김수용, RR: Gim Suyong?) this is Kim Suyong
  • Kim Sungjin? (Hangul: 김성진, RR: Gim Seongjin?)
  • Kim Sungrae (Hangul: 김성래, RR: Gim Seongrae?)
  • Lee Hobum (Hangul: 이호범, RR: Lee Hobeom?)
  • Park Jihoon? (Hangul: 박지훈(大), RR: Bak Jihun?)
  • Park Joonsuk? (Hangul: 박준석, RR: Bak Junseok?) this is Park Junsuk
  • Park Shiyul? (Hangul: 박시열, RR: Bak Siyeol?) this is Park Siyeol
  • Ryoo Minhyung? (Hangul: 류민형, RR: Ryu Minhyeong?) this is Ryu Minhyung on Go4Go
  • Ryoo Soohang? (Hangul: 류수항, RR: Ryu Suhang)
  • Song Jihoon (Hangul: 송지훈, RR: Song Jihun)
  • Suh Joonghwi? (Hangul: 서중휘, RR: Seo Junghwi?) this is Seo Junghui on Go4Go
  • Sul Hyunjoon? (Hangul: 설현준, RR: Seol Hyeonjun?) this is Seol Hyunjun
  • We Ryang? (Hangul: 웨량, RR: We Ryang?) this is Yue Liang
  • Yoo Kyungmin? (Hangul: 유경민, RR: Yu Gyeongmin?) this is Yoo Kyeongmin on Go4Go
  • Yoo Ohsung? (Hangul: 유오성, RR: Yu Oseong)


  • Ahn Hyungjoon? (Hangul: 안형준, RR: An Hyeongjun?)
  • Bae Joonhee? (Hangul: 배준희, RR: Bae Junhui?)
  • Choi Byunghwan? (Hangul: 최병환, RR: Choe Byeonghwan?)
  • Choi Jaeyoung (Hangul: 최재영, RR: Choe Jaeyeong?)
  • Gong Byungjoo? (Hangul: 공병주, RR: Gong Byeongju?) this is Kong Pyeongchu
  • Heo Jin? (Hangul: 허 진, RR: Heo Jin?)
  • Hwang Jaeyun? (Hangul: 황재연, RR: Hwang Jaeyeon)
  • Hyun Mijin (Hangul: 현미진, RR: Hyeon Mijin)
  • Im Soontaek (Hangul: 임순택, RR: Im Suntaek)
  • Kim Eunsun (Hangul: 김은선, RR: Gim Eunseon?)
  • Kim Giwon? (Hangul: 김기원, RR: Gim Giwon?)
  • Kim Hwansoo? (Hangul: 김환수, RR: Gim Hwansu?)
  • Kim Hyogon? (Hangul: 김효곤, RR: Gim Hyogon?)
  • Kim Hyunchan? (Hangul: 김현찬, RR: Gim Hyeonchan?)
  • Kim Jinhoon? (Hangul: 김진훈, RR: Gim Jinhun?)
  • Kim Jinhwi (Hangul: 김진휘, RR: Gim Jinhwi?)
  • Kim Soojin (Hangul: 김수진, RR: Gim Sujin?)
  • Kwon Ohmin? (Hangul: 권오민, RR: Gwon Omin?) this is Kweon Omin
  • Lee Dahye? (Hangul: 이다혜, RR: Lee Dahye?)
  • Lee Hoseung? (Hangul: 이호승, RR: Lee Hoseung?)
  • Lee Hyungjin (Hangul: 이형진, RR: Lee Hyeongjin?)
  • Lee Hyungro (Hangul: 이형로, RR: Lee Hyeongro?)
  • Lee Hyunho (Hangul: 이현호, RR: Lee Hyeonho?)
  • Lee Sanghun (Hangul: 이상헌, RR: Lee Sangheon?)
  • Lee Youngshin? (Hangul: 이영신, RR: Lee Yeongsin?)
  • Min Sangyun (Hangul: 민상연, RR: Min Sangyeon?)
  • Moon Yoobin? (Hangul: 문유빈, RR: Mun Yubin)
  • Oh Jungah? (Hangul: 오정아, RR: O Jeonga)
  • Park Gunho (Hangul: 박건호, RR: Bak Geonho?)
  • Park Jihoon? (Hangul: 박지훈(小), RR: Bak Jihun?)
  • Park Jiyun (Hangul: 박지연, RR: Bak Jiyeon?)
  • Park Jonghoon? (Hangul: 박종훈, RR: Bak Jonghun?)
  • Park Kyunggeun? (Hangul: 박경근, RR: Bak Gyeonggeun?)
  • Park Sangjin (Hangul: 박상진, RR: Bak Sangjin?)
  • Park Sungsoo (Hangul: 박성수, RR: Bak Seongsu?) this is Pak Seongsu
  • Park Youngchan? (Hangul: 박영찬, RR: Bak Yeongchan?) this is Pak Yeongchan
  • Park Youngrong? (Hangul: 박영롱, RR: Bak Yeongrong?)
  • Son Geungi (Hangul: 손근기, RR: Son Geungi)
  • Song Kyusang? (Hangul: 송규상, RR: Song Gyusang)
  • Song Sanghoon? (Hangul: 송상훈, RR: Song Sanghun?)
  • Yoo Jaesung (Hangul: 유재성, RR: Yu Jaeseong?)
  • Yoon Youngsun (Hangul: 윤영선, RR: Yun Yeongseon)



  • Baek Hyunwoo (Hangul: 백현우, RR: Baek Hyeonu?)
  • Bae Yoonjin? (Hangul: 배윤진, RR: Bae Yunjin)
  • Choi Youngchan (Hangul: 최영찬, RR: Choe Yeongchan)
  • Geum Jiwoo (Hangul: 금지우, RR: Geum Jiu)
  • Go Sooah? (Hangul: 고수아, RR: Go Sua)
  • Han Haewon (Hangul: 한해원, RR: Han Haewon)
  • Han Sangjo? (Hangul: 한상조, RR: Han Sangjo?)
  • Han Woojin (Hangul: 한우진, RR: Han Ujin?)
  • Jo Seungah? (Hangul: 조승아, RR: Jo Seunga?)
  • Jo Youngsook? (Hangul: 조영숙, RR: Jo Yeongsuk?)
  • Jung Dooho (Hangul: 정두호, RR: Jeong Duho)
  • Jun Yongsoo? (Hangul: 전용수, RR: Jeon Yongsu?)
  • Kang Dajung? (Hangul: 강다정, RR: Gang Dajeong?)
  • Kang Jihoon? (Hangul: 강지훈, RR: Gang Jihun?)
  • Kim Gibum? (Hangul: 김기범, RR: Gim Gibeom?)
  • Kim Heesoo? (Hangul: 김희수, RR: Gim Huisu?)
  • Kim Hyerim? (Hangul: 김혜림, RR: Gim Hyerim?)
  • Kim Hyojung (Hangul: 김효정, RR: Gim Hyojeong?)
  • Kim Jimyung? (Hangul: 김지명, RR: Gim Jimyeong?)
  • Kim Joonsuk? (Hangul: 김준석, RR: Gim Junseok?)
  • Kim Minsuk? (Hangul: 김민석, RR: Gim Minseok?)
  • Kim Noori? (Hangul: 김누리, RR: Gim Nuri?)
  • Kim Sangchun? (Hangul: 김상천, RR: Gim Sangcheon?)
  • Kim Seshil? (Hangul: 김세실, RR: Gim Sesil?)
  • Kim Sungi? (Hangul: 김선기, RR: Gim Seongi?)
  • Kim Sunho? (Hangul: 김선호, RR: Gim Seonho?)
  • Kim Sunmi (Hangul: 김선미, RR: Gim Seonmi?)
  • Kwon Hyojin (Hangul: 권효진(남), RR: Gwon Hyojin?)
  • Kwon Hyungjin? (Hangul: 권형진, RR: Gwon Hyeongjin?)
  • Kwon Joori? (Hangul: 권주리, RR: Gwon Juri?)
  • Lee Jungwon (Hangul: 이정원, RR: Lee Jeongwon?)
  • Lee Kangwook? (Hangul: 이강욱, RR: Lee Ganguk?)
  • Lee Seungjoon? (Hangul: 이승준, RR: Lee Seungjun?)
  • Lee Youngjoo? (Hangul: 이영주, RR: Lee Yeongju?)
  • Lee Yun? (Hangul: 이 연, RR: Lee Yeon)
  • Moon Dowon (Hangul: 문도원, RR: Mun Dowon)
  • Oh Byungwoo? (Hangul: 오병우, RR: O Byeongu?)
  • Oh Jangwook? (Hangul: 오장욱, RR: O Janguk?)
  • Park Changmyung? (Hangul: 박창명, RR: Bak Changmyeong?)
  • Park Sohyun (Hangul: 박소현, RR: Bak Sohyeon?)
  • Park Taehee? (Hangul: 박태희, RR: Bak Taehui?)
  • Svetlana Shikshina (Sveta, Hangul: 스베타(객원), RR: Seu Beta?)
  • Shin Jaewon? (Hangul: 신재원, RR: Sin Jaewon?)
  • Shin Yoonho? (Hangul: 신윤호, RR: Sin Yunho?)
  • Song Hyeryung? (Hangul: 송혜령, RR: Song Hyeryeong?)
  • Alexandre Dinerchtein (Sasha, Hangul: 샤샤(객원), RR: Sya Sya?)
  • Yoon Jihee? (Hangul: 윤지희, RR: Yun Jihui?) this is Yun Jihee
  • Yoon Minjoong? (Hangul: 윤민중, RR: Yun Minjung)
  • Yoon Youngmin? (Hangul: 윤영민, RR: Yun Yeongmin)


  • Baek Jihee? (Hangul: 백지희, RR: Baek Jihui?)
  • Choi Dongeun (Hangul: 최동은, RR: Choe Dongeun?)
  • Choi Eunkyu? (Hangul: 최은규, RR: Choe Eungyu?)
  • Heo Suhhyun? (Hangul: 허서현, RR: Heo Seohyeon?)
  • Jang Hyeryung? (Hangul: 장혜령, RR: Jang Hyeryeong?)
  • Joo Chihong? (Hangul: 주치홍, RR: Ju Chihong?)
  • Jo Wankyu? (Hangul: 조완규, RR: Jo Wangyu?)
  • Jo Yunwoo? (Hangul: 조연우, RR: Jo Yeonu?) this is the illustrious Cho Yeonwoo
  • Jung Hoonhyun? (Hangul: 정훈현, RR: Jeong Hunhyeon?)
  • Jung Woojin? (Hangul: 정우진, RR: Jeong Ujin?)
  • Kang Jibum? (Hangul: 강지범, RR: Gang Jibeom?)
  • Kang Jisoo? (Hangul: 강지수, RR: Gang Jisu?)
  • Kim Donghee (Hangul: 김동희(小), RR: Gim Donghui?)
  • Kim Dongwoo? (Hangul: 김동우, RR: Gim Dongu?)
  • Kim Kangmin? (Hangul: 김강민, RR: Gim Gangmin?)
  • Kim Kyungeun? (Hangul: 김경은, RR: Gim Gyeongeun?)
  • Kim Kyunghwan? (Hangul: 김경환, RR: Gim Gyeonghwan?) this is Kim Kyeongwan
  • Kim Nahyun (Hangul: 김나현, RR: Gim Nahyeon?)
  • Kim Namhoon? (Hangul: 김남훈, RR: Gim Namhun?)
  • Kim Sangin? (Hangul: 김상인, RR: Gim Sangin?)
  • Kim Sehyun? (Hangul: 김세현, RR: Gim Sehyeon?)
  • Kim Shinyoung (Hangul: 김신영, RR: Gim Sinyeong?)
  • Kim Wonbin? (Hangul: 김원빈, RR: Gim Wonbin?)
  • Kim Youngdo? (Hangul: 김영도, RR: Gim Yeongdo?)
  • Kim Youngkwang? (Hangul: 김영광, RR: Gim Yeonggwang?)
  • Kwak WonKeun (Hangul: 곽원근, RR: Gwak Wongeun?)
  • Lee Bumjin? (Hangul: 이범진, RR: Lee Beomjin?)
  • Lee Dohyun? (Hangul: 이도현, RR: Lee Dohyeon?)
  • Lee Donghwi? (Hangul: 이동휘, RR: Lee Donghwi?)
  • Lee Jaesung (Hangul: 이재성, RR: Lee Jaeseong?)
  • Lee Joohyung (Hangul: 이주형, RR: Lee Juhyeong?)
  • Lee Uhdukdoong? (Hangul: 이어덕둥, RR: Lee Eodeokdung?)
  • Lee Yoojin? (Hangul: 이유진, RR: Lee Yujin)
  • Moon Jihwan (Hangul: 문지환, RR: Mun Jihwan)
  • Moon Jongho? (Hangul: 문종호, RR: Mun Jongho?)
  • Oh Joosung? (Hangul: 오주성, RR: O Juseong?)
  • Park Daeyoung (Hangul: 박대영, RR: Bak Daeyeong?)
  • Park Jihyun (Hangul: 박지현, RR: Bak Jihyeon?)
  • Park Joomin (Hangul: 박주민, RR: Bak Jumin?)
  • Park Jungsoo (Hangul: 박정수, RR: Bak Jeongsu?)
  • Shim Joonsup? (Hangul: 심준섭, RR: Sim Junseop)
  • Sun Seungmin (Hangul: 선승민, RR: Seon Seungmin)
  • Yoo Changjoo (Hangul: 유창주, RR: Yu Changju)
  • Yoon Yesung (Hangul: 윤예성, RR: Yun Yeseong)


  • Cha Booil (Hangul: 차부일, RR: Cha Buil)
  • Cha Joohye (Hangul: 차주혜, RR: Cha Juhye)
  • Choi Jinwon (Hangul: 최진원, RR: Choe Jinwon)
  • Choi Minsuh? (Hangul: 최민서, RR: Choe Minseo)
  • Diana Koszegi (Diana, Hangul: 디아나, RR: Di Ana?)
  • Do Eungyo (Hangul: 도은교, RR: Do Eungyo)
  • Heo Jaewon? (Hangul: 허재원, RR: Heo Jaewon?)
  • Heo Youngrak (Hangul: 허영락, RR: Heo Yeongrak?)
  • Hong Sukmin (Hangul: 홍석민, RR: Hong Seokmin)
  • Im Jinwook? (Hangul: 임진욱, RR: Im Jinuk?)
  • Im Sangkyu? (Hangul: 임상규, RR: Im Sanggyu?)
  • Jang Eunbin? (Hangul: 장은빈, RR: Jang Eunbin?)
  • Jo Namkyun (Hangul: 조남균, RR: Jo Namgyun?)
  • Jung Yoojin? (Hangul: 정유진, RR: Jeong Yujin)
  • Jung Yunwoo (Hangul: 정연우, RR: Jeong Yeonu?)
  • Kang Taehoon? (Hangul: 강태훈, RR: Gang Taehun?)
  • Kim Bumsuh (Hangul: 김범서, RR: Gim Beomseo?)
  • Kim Chiwoo? (Hangul: 김치우, RR: Gim Chiu?)
  • Kim Hyoyoung (Hangul: 김효영, RR: Gim Hyoyeong?)
  • Kim Hyunbin? (Hangul: 김현빈, RR: Gim Hyeonbin?)
  • Kim Jena (Hangul: 김제나, RR: Gim Jena?)
  • Kim Jiwoo? (Hangul: 김지우, RR: Gim Jiu?)
  • Kim Minjung (Hangul: 김민정, RR: Gim Minjeong?)
  • Kim Minkyu (Hangul: 김민규, RR: Gim Mingyu?)
  • Kim Minsuh? (Hangul: 김민서, RR: Gim Minseo?) this is Kim Minseo
  • Kim Nokyung? (Hangul: 김노경, RR: Gim Nogyeong?)
  • Kim Sangyoon (Hangul: 김상윤, RR: Gim Sangyun?)
  • Kim Seungjin? (Hangul: 김승진, RR: Gim Seungjin?)
  • Kim Taehyang (Hangul: 김태향, RR: Gim Taehyang?)
  • Kim Yoochan (Hangul: 김유찬, RR: Gim Yuchan?)
  • Lee Danbi? (Hangul: 이단비, RR: Lee Danbi?)
  • Lee Euihyun? (Hangul: 이의현, RR: Lee Uihyeon?)
  • Lee Seuljoo? (Hangul: 이슬주, RR: Lee Seulju?) this is Lee Suljoo
  • Lee Wooram (Hangul: 이우람, RR: Lee Uram?)
  • Ma Riya? (Hangul: 마리야, RR: Ma Riya?) this is Mariya Zakharchenko
  • Oh Seungmin (Hangul: 오승민, RR: O Seungmin?)
  • Park Dongjoo (Hangul: 박동주, RR: Bak Dongju?)
  • Park Jiyoung (Hangul: 박지영, RR: Bak Jiyeong?)
  • Park Shinyoung? (Hangul: 박신영, RR: Bak Sinyeong?)
  • Park Soyool? (Hangul: 박소율, RR: Bak Soyul?) this is Park Soyul
  • Won Jehoon? (Hangul: 원제훈, RR: Won Jehun)
  • Yang Minsuk? (Hangul: 양민석, RR: Yang Minseok)
  • Yang Yoojoon? (Hangul: 양유준, RR: Yang Yujun)
  • Yoo Joohyun? (Hangul: 유주현, RR: Yu Juhyeon?) this is Yu Juhyun
  • Yoon Heewoo? (Hangul: 윤희우, RR: Yun Huiu?)
  • Yoon Hyunbin? (Hangul: 윤현빈, RR: Yun Hyeonbin?) this is Yun Hyunbin
  • Yoon Sungshik? (Hangul: 윤성식, RR: Yun Seongsik)



Residing in Korea

From Korea

Playing in China

Playing in Japan

See also

List of Korean names

[ext] KBA list


Dieter: See List of Korean Names. Also, an alphabetic list will be more stable than a ranked list.


Dieter: the following names in the libary are orphans. As I don't really want to maintain the list per rank, I leave it to others: Chang Hyeoryeong Choi Kyeongho Cho Seunga Cho Wankyu Hyun Yubin Jen Yongsu Jin Siyeung Jong Hunhyun Kang Wuhyuk Kim Changhun Kim Eunseun Kim Hyenchan Kim Jimyeong Kim Kibum Kim Kyeongwan Kim Kyeungeun Kim Myeunghun Kim Sangcheon Kim Seongi Kim Yeongkwang Kwon Juri Moon Myunggun OByeongwoo Park Dongju Park Geunho Park Hyunsu Park Junhun Park Yeonglong Yi Chungyu Yi Hoseong Yi Hyeunjun Yi Taye You Byungyong

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