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Sensei's library has been in existence for many years now. The library has grown to a large number of pages. Besides adding new content to the library, or participating in discussions, there is a lot of work you can do in the maintenance of the library. The work includes:

  • Editorial work:
  • Hyperlinking work:
    • Add links to relevant pages. The simplest form is the "see also" section at the bottom of the page.
    • Look at the bottom 250 backward in pages by distance. These are pages containing very few links and hence susceptible of wikification.
    • Look at the bottom 250 forward in pages by distance. These are pages being linked from very few pages. They can probably be linked from more pages or be merged into similar pages which are referenced more often.
    • Worse even are the Wiki orphans, pages not referenced by any page. These are a subset of the unreachable pages as listed on distance from frontpage.
    • Define or remove Undefined pages. Many links to not existing pages exist in the library. Either these links must be cleaned, or the pages can be created. In the long list of undefined pages you may want to check entries with multiple linking pages first. A big help may be to first categorize the undefined pages.
    • Improve navigation on SL by making new and contributing to existing index pages / paths.
    • Use the position search function to find related problems, or even duplicates, turning them into aliases or references to each other.
    • Update obsolete external links and unreachable images.
  • Other work

Besides the above, many pages in the library have a temporary nature and are often more of personal interest than of real interest to the community. The maintenance of such pages is left to the courtesy of their creators, but after a while they are liable to be removed.

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