SmartGo Books


SmartGo Books
Author: Anders Kierulf + book authors
License: proprietary
Price: 3-20$ (jan.'15)
Category: reader, digital content
Operating system: Apple iOS 5.0 (iP...), MacOS
Languages: English, fr, de, jp, es (softw.) books: en + (some books) es, jp
Stable Version: 4.0.2 (jan.'15)
Development status: active
Homepage: [ext]
Size of installer: 18mby
System needs: Apple iOS 5.1.1
Infos last checked:

SmartGo Books is an interactive reader for Go books available for Apple iOS devices and OS X (Mac). See an overview of titles on [ext]

Table of contents

Web Site

For features and views see: [ext] .


SmartGo Books is an interactive reader for Go books available for Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as for OS X (Mac), created by Anders Kierulf. Go Books currently offers 150 Go books for sale. After registering, books purchased on one platform are available on the other.

Almost all the books are also available as interactive EPUBs that can be read on other platforms.

Unlike a PDF document, users can navigate backward and forward through the moves in a diagram or view them all at once.

Users can also play out their own moves directly in the diagram. This is especially helpful for problem diagrams where SmartGo Books will provide feedback on whether one's move is right or wrong. It can also be used to consider one's own ideas in the context of a given board position.

List of Books

SmartGo Books now offers 150 titles, more than 15 of them multi-lingual. The list of books currently available can be found here:


Out of Print Books Alive Again

SmartGo Books offers a selection of books that are out of print, some of which may not be easily obtained in any other way. The most up-to-date list can be found at [ext] .


Currently SmartGo Books is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and OS X (Mac). Go Books are also available as EPUB, supported on Android and Windows. ([ext] Go Books as EPUB)

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