Zhongguo Weiqi Hui

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(中國圍棋會) In Taiwan there is a minor association, now called Zhongguo Weiqi Hui (the name was changed several times). It is the original Taiwanese association founded in 1952. The association started its professional system in 1979. [ext] Facebook page

As of January 2012, professional players of the association are:

Retired players: Zhou Kuihong, Chen Changqing, Chen Shi, Cao Zelin, Cheng Qide, Chen Xianhui, Cai Dengge.

Their grade system using 'pin' (品) has an important difference from 'dan' systems used in other professional organizations; a player can be demoted in the 'pin' system according to his performance, while 'dan' has no demotions.

valerio: I found this site: [ext] Zhōnghu zhy wiq xihu. Perhaps this is the new site of the association.

MrTenuki: The impression I'm getting is that Zhonghua Zhiye Weiqi Xiehui (literally "Chinese [in a cultural/literary sense] Professional Go Association") might be a separate Taiwanese organization. I'm not familiar with it, but a quick Google search led me to a [ext] December 2008 blog post saying that it's a relatively new non-profit organization formed by former members of the Taiwan Qiyuan and the Zhongguo Weiqi Hui. If you can find more sources, perhaps that organization could have its own SL page as well...

valerio: Due the firewall, I can not read your link. At the bottom left of the link-page of my previous comment there are the names of 12 players of the "old-new" Taiwanese Association. Ten of them are the same of my Italian [ext] post (Zhou Keping was already member of both associations and Gou Yubang is not member of the Taiwan Qiyuan); they retourned in the Taiwan Qiyuan at the end of 2009, but still are members of the old association. Perhaps this is not the official site; I have some doubts because all 240 games in this site are from tournaments of the Zhongguo Weiqi Hui or open to players of this association. I will try some other sources: this is the link to the [ext] Taiwan zhy weiq sai (in this link, now, I don't find the player's names: there were some changes in this site).

By [ext] LGS wiki there are five Taiwanese organizations:

  • [Zhongguo Weiq Hui] (the "original" organization, has pros and amateur players);
  • Zhonghua Mnguo Weiq Xiehui (1988, not a professional organization);
  • Taiwan Weiq Zuzhi: this is an explanatory page, not an organization;
  • [Taiwan Qyuan] Wenhua Jijin Hui (the bigest Taiwanese professional organization);
  • [Ing Changqi Weiq Jiaoyu Jijin Hui] (born in 1983; no professional players);
  • [Haifong Qyuan] (sponsor of the richest Taiwanese tournaments).

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