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Started playing the game a few months ago. Turns out to be a very stressful hobby.

bugcat: Commemorating that in 2021-09-22, the six most popular articles made in the past six months were all started, and almost entirely made, by DuEm6.

These are:

He also made these other popular lists:

Dieter: a comeback is looming at the horizon!

DuEm6: Heh, my list of discord channels page got removed. Not sure why. Just because I made a comment that they are not active? Breaking news. It's a niche unpopular game. None of the online communities are active.

I must say, I'm done. My experience with other online Go communities generally suck too.

OGS forums removed my posts for no good reason. Is calling Kim Seong-ryong a rapist so bad? I even reworded it to be more PC. And other normal comments got removed too. Do we need to pretend everything is fine and dandy in Go world? If you check Namu wiki, there are literally several other (sex) scandals. It's just this rape one that got reported in English.

/r/baduk mods are even worse, a mod's asshole comment got downvoted when he replied to me a few weeks ago. And now he got personal vendetta and was just waiting for an opportunity to permaban me. And he succeeded, and other mods supported him. I was literally just calling out a spammer who kept posting wrong tournament infos to /r/baduk. Imagine participating in a community for a while and it turns out the mods secretly hate you.

I'm not sure what I expected. I'll take up origami. It reminds me about the guy who created the tsumegodojo's sgf collection. He got sick of Go, and switched to Shogi.

Dieter: I don't know what happened there but in general page removal works in stages. Someone suggests it for a good reason and if an admin thinks it's a good reason and no one objects, then it may happen. I think of the hundreds of additions you made 99,9% is still standing and we were even cheering for you on your home page to return.

Could it be you focus too much on circumstantial misfortune and ignore the good? If you have a bad experience everywhere you go, maybe better change the eye of the beholder?

All the best!

bugcat: For what it's worth, I had voiced my opinion on the list of Discord servers page against it being removed.

Dieter: in that case the removal was a rash thing to do. If I did it, I apologize. Perhaps we should stop removing pages for a while. I'd rather have a busy site than a clean dead one.

DuEm6 last edited by Dieter on October 3, 2021 - 23:58
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