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Go is elegantly simple and deeply beautiful.

You may call me Hu, which is not my real name. You may often find me on KGS as user "Hu", about 4k (as of 2008). Joined KGS as hu783 Nov. 5, 2001 as 18k.

KGS is a friendly server with the greatest user interface, especially for teaching and reviewing (my opinion). See also Hu's Teaching Method and my Triplet of Triplets.

The following information is an expanded version of my user information at KGS.

I usually play 15:00 main time plus 3 byo-yomi of 25 seconds (15:00 + 3 x 0:25) or 24:00 plus 3 byo-yomi of 40 seconds. I sometimes play Tengen.

I sometimes like:

  • Odd sizes 7x7, 11x11, 15x15, 19x19, 21x21, and other odd sizes
  • Chinese handicaps (placed anywhere) / Japanese rules for even games
  • Sometimes to play wild openings

As a Teacher, I am happiest when my students succeed by exceeding me. Some of my proteges (all started out weaker than me): Sephiroth 4d, sound 2d, ?? 2d (formerly vices), Shenron 1d.

I like to play players of many ranks, games of the odd sizes listed below and, Japanese rules (but I like Chinese for the Handicaps because you can place them anywhere). I greatly prefer byo-yomi according to the plan below, though I sometimes adjust it for slower or faster play. I don't play blitz because I like Go games like gourmet meals and not like inhaling fast food. The fastest I play is about fifteen seconds per move.

I like all odd sizes with these time settings for N x N games for gently rising time pressure:

 N    %    Main   Byo    Num
    Area   Time  period  Byos
 7   14    2:00    :15    3  Minimum undecided game.
 9   22    4:00    :15    4  Quarter size
11   34    6:00    :20    4
13   47    9:00    :24    5  Half size
15   62   12:00    :30    5  Popular 1000 years
17   80   18:00    :30    6  Popular 500 years, Tibetan
19  100   24:00    :40    6
21  122   30:00    :40    7  21st century Go
23  147   38:00    :48    7
25  173   48:00    :50    8  Hoshi like 19x19
27  202   60:00   1:00    8  Double size

The time settings are calculated from powers that are multiples of the reciprocal of the golden ratio. Main Time = N ^ 4r seconds, Byo Period = N ^ 2r sec, Num Byos ~= N ^ r, if r = 1/1.618 = 0.618.

Please wait in case I need to reconnect. Sometimes I may be as long as 10 minutes if I have to do a full reboot and relogin. Undos are discouraged but sometimes allowed in free games. Hit the Undo button immediately for misclicks in rated games.


"Winning is enjoyable, but losing does not detract from the pleasure of playing." Nakayama Noriyuki

"Instead of trying to win every game, I think one should try their best to make good plays and thus create game records that one can be proud of." Cho Hunhyun

PS: I used to like Turn-based games but discovered I spent too much time on an individual game and didn't move quickly enough or often enough. Here is how to set one on KGS: Set Free and Time None. Resume, move, close; repeat.

My Shusaku Number is 5: Shusaku -- Shuei -- Shusai -- Iwamoto -- Steve Fawthrop -- Hu

Some Sensei's Library pages that I think deserve higher recognition and more references:

A Static Treatise on Shape, Answer Keima with Kosumi, Approaching a Life and Death Problem the Right Way, Atekomi, Balance, Basic Edge Patterns, Basic Techniques of Go, Best Game of the Era, Center Influence, Changing Fuseki Dogmas, Chinese Fuseki, Ch'eon P'ung-cho, Chung Kuo, Closed Side - Closed Mind, Directed Acyclic Graph, Double Hasami - Occupy Three Three, End Up In the Center, Equipment Dimensions, Estimating the Score, Eyes Collection, Finger, Middle game exercise 1, The First Player to Blunder, Forcing and Initiative, Four is Five and Five is Eight and Six is Twelve, Fourth Line Invasion with One Space on Both Sides, Free Handicap, Fuseki, Fuseki Experiments, Future Use of SL, Go and Ethics, Go and Go Moku, Go History, Gomoku, Good Play, Go Terms, Great Wall, Handicap, Handicap Go, The Book, Hayashi Timing, Help Yourself by Helping Your Body, History of Komi, How Does it Feel to Improve at Go, How secure is the Small Low Enclosure, IgoHatsuyoRon, Instant Eye Tester, Invading an Enclosure, Jabberwocks, Joseki Repertoire For Mid Kyu Players, KGS, Kiai, Ko Master, Literature, The Magic of Go, MikanNoTaikyoku, Mistakes, Monkey Jump, Murakawa Daisuke, Mutual Damage, New Fuseki Era, Overplay, Please Review Me, Probe (Yosu Miru), Prodigy, Professional Players Go Styles, Reference Section, Ranka, References to Go, Rudyard Kipling's Poem ''If'', Semedori, Sente Gains Nothing, Seven Deadly Sins, Side Patterns, Shape, Shibumi, Shin Fuseki, Shusaku, shygost, SL Conventions, SL Statistics, Spightonians, Stones Walking Path, Strategy, Sunjang Baduk, Takemiya Masaki, Teaching Game, Tedomari, There are No Ko Threats in the Opening, Transposition, Triple Ko, Triplet of Triplets, Unusual Enclosures, Urgent Points before Big Points, Usual Dilemmas, Value of a Monkey Jump, What is a Good Game, Why Did You Start Go, Why Don't We Open At Tengen, Yamashita Keigo, A Zen Way to Joseki.

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