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Hu: Please use this page to discuss the main KGS page.

(Note that "Hu" isn't the Authority here; or elsewhere, for that matter.

How to treat KGS pages on SL?

There recently has been a flurry of KGS pages. KGS Issue - Asian Fonts is an example for a page that should not remain on SL - this should be an integral part of the CGoban2 help (see below). Joke pages with titles such as "KSU" are distracting, because this acronym can stand for a thousand other (and serious) things. Maybe we could rename such pages to be a subpage of KGSHumo(u)r?. (BTW, we should discourage the use of TLA's, anyway - particularly in page titles.)

CGoban2 Help [1]

Many of the KGS pages discussed above have the function of help pages. A long time ago, MK wrote a wish that KGS needs better help files. wms's time is probably better spent on improving the program itself, but this would be an ideal use for a wiki wiki web. The obvious appropriate place for this would be [ext] This would be a very cheap way for KGS to get the help it sorely needs. Does this sound reasonable?

kokiri ashamed though i am to be asking this... does anyone know exactly what is happening to the KGS rating system at the moment? I saw that there was some change in the system the other day, but over the last two days during which i haven't played, my rating has tanked upwards, and the downwards wildly.

Is the change being applied retrospecively or only to future games and why should there be more than one adjustment?

Can one expect a one off adjustment or will it be nosiy for a while?

frankly, compelling though it is, i think the ratings graph function of KGS is by far its biggest flaw, but in the face of my own hypocracy, i would like to know what to expect...

wms: The rating system was totally unchanged for about 3 years. Then I took a close look at handicap results, saw that its performance could be improved. I was fiddling with a few things, trying to find a workable system, the current system seems reasonable, so I hope to leave it alone for a while now. Sorry for the chaos these changes caused for a while.

tderz Bill or anyone else: Confused - is there only a CGoban3 for Java Web Start or also a CGoban3 resident client version? I'm not much of a computer nerd ....

Do I have to use the CGoban3 version or can I do with my CGoban2.xx client? I have to play a tournament on KGS today, so it's a bit important to me ... (otherwise I wouldn't care)

  • glue: You can no longer user CGoban2, you need to use CGoban3. The "CGOban3 with java web start" is the new resident client version. To install it for Windows, MacosX, Linux: [ext] -> download link -> "CGoban with Java web start" link. Linux users with a recent Sun java can also run the command: /path/to/java/bin/javaws [ext]

TimK Does anyone know how to get rid of the file associations CGoban creates for SGF files? I installed it with the file associations, and now I'm trying to change them to Drago. I tried this in Windows Explorer through Tools | Folder Options | File Types... That makes them open in Drago, but they still have the CGoban icon. Any idea where this info is hanging around?

[1] According to Hu's initial statement, we could move this discussion to a different page.

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