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A Go prodigy is a young child with enormous talent for Go.

Some examples in approximate order of reaching professional 1-dan are listed below.

N.B. Any help in improving or clarifying the following would be appreciated:
The ages given are often approximate, usually because only year was given.
It appears that in most countries at most times becoming a professional is equivalent to reaching professional 1-dan but apparently not for Cho Hun-Hyeon!
Go Prodigies
Player Dates Nationality Pro aged 1p aged 9p aged Remarks
Yang Dingxin 1998 Chinese 9y 9m 20y 3m Was youngest (?) Chinese 1 dan. In 2010 he qualified for the 3rd round of the Lanke (the richest Chinese title), defeating Chen Yaoye Tianyuan and in 2011-04-24, at 12 and 6 months, won his first title (the 5th Xinxiu).
Nakamura Sumire 2009 Japanese 10 10 Set records for youngest professional 1 dan and youngest pro 2 dan in Japanese history. Father is 9p, mother 6d amateur Go instructor with a sister who is 3p.
Shin Jinseo 2000 Korean 12 12 18 Highest ranked Go player in the world for years. Father is 5d amateur and mother 3d amateur. Largely taught via Internet.
Kim Eunji 2007 Korean 12 12 16 Youngest professional 9 dan in history. Excelled in children's baduk competitions since 2012, when she was 5 years old.
Wu Yiming 2006 Chinese 11 11 Youngest female professional in Chinese history.
Cho Hyeyeon 1985 Korean 11 11 became professional when 11 years and 11 months, then the third youngest to become pro in Korea (after Cho Hunhyun and Lee Changho).
Yi Ch'ang-ho 1975 Korean 9/10 10/11
Wei Haoting 1993 Taiwanese 10y 3m Youngest Taiwanese 1 dan.
Shusaku 18291862 Japanese 10y 6m Go sage, who won all 19 castle games. His games are models for modern professionals to study.
Cho Chikun 1956 Korean 11 11 24 Formerly youngest person to become professional in Japan. 1,000 wins by age 43.
Fujisawa Rina 1998 Japanese 11y 6m Youngest Japanese professional at 11 years and 6 months, the first after the 15 year age limit for females was lifted. Granddaughter of Fujisawa Hideyuki
Murakawa Daisuke 1990 Japanese 11 11y 10m 28/29 Third youngest Japanese professional aged 11.
Yuki Satoshi 1972 Japanese 11 11/12 25/26 Youngest Japanese to reach 1,000 wins (age 38/39)
Iyama Yuta 1989 Japanese 12/13 19/20 First Japanese professional born in the Heisei era. Youngest to hold an open title. Youngest big title holder.
Hashimoto Shoji 19352009 Japanese 11/12 22/23 Was in his time the youngest to reach 9-dan.
Lee Sedol 1983 Korean 12 12 20 Last(?) human player to win an even game against the top AI of the time, AlphaGo.
Liao Xingwen 1994 Chinese 12
Chen Xiaonan 1986 Chinese 13/14 2p by age 13.
Go Seigen 19142014 Chinese[2] 14[2] 14[2] 35/36 [2] Best player in the world by a wide margin in the mid 20th century. Moved to Japan at age 14 and was immediately ranked 3 dan pro.
Cho Hun-Hyeon 1953 Korean 9 14 28/29 Youngest person to become professional
Ogawa Doteki 16691690 6 dan at age 13, Honinbo heir aged 15.
Honinbo Shuwa 18201873 Japanese Jump promotion to 3p in 1834. 7 dan aged 20 (very rare in edo period), crushed Gennan Inseki dream to become meijin.
Honinbo Dochi 16901727 Japanese 7 dan aged about 17, youngest hereditary meijin aged 31.
Akaboshi Intetsu 18101835 Japanese 7 dan at about 24, at a time when 7 dan was rarer than 9 dan now.
Wu Shuhao 1992 Chinese Qualified as amateur 5d aged 12 for the 2004 Mingren preliminary tournament. Went on to beat Zhou Bo, 5p, Liu Jing, 8p and Wang Yao, 5p and reached (at least) the second round of the final knockout tournament.

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