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A Go prodigy is a young child with enormous talent for Go.

Examples include:

  • Cho Hun-Hyeon, youngest person to become pro in the world, age 9.
  • Yi Ch'ang-ho, the one and only :-)
  • Go Seigen
  • Shusaku
  • Chen Xiaonan, 2 dan Chinese professional at age 13 (as of 2004)
  • Cho Chikun, formerly youngest person to become professional in Japan, age 11.
  • Murakawa Daisuke, third youngest Japanese professional at age 11.
  • Yuki Satoshi, Japanese professional at age 11.
  • Iyama Yuta first Japanese professsional born in Heisei era. Youngest to hold an open title, youngest big title holder.
  • Hashimoto Shoji
  • Liao Xingwen, Chinese professional at age 12.
  • Ogawa Doteki, 6 dan at age 13, Honinbo heir at age 15.
  • Honinbo Shuwa 7 dan at age 20(very rare in edo period), crushed Gennan Inseki dream to become meijin.
  • Honinbo Dochi 7dan when about 17 years old,youngest hereditary meijin at age 31.
  • Wu Shuhao
  • Fujisawa Rina, youngest Japanese professional at 11 years and 6 months.
  • Wei Haoting, youngest taiwanese 1 dan at 10 years, 3 months.
  • Yang Dingxin, youngest (?) chinese 1 dan at 9 years, 9 months. In 2010 he qualified for the 3rd round of the Lanke (the richest Chinese title), defeating Chen Yaoye Tianyuan and in 2011-04-24, at 12 and 6 months, won his first title (the 5th Xinxiu).

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