Middle game exercise 1

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: MiddleGame
Black to move next  


Picking up the glove  

Very interesting exercise (for me). In such a position, I could not resist the temptation to start a moyo. Black 1, the move I would probably play, at the same time looks amateurish, single-purpose, lukewarm. Maybe locally a or b are better, b showing a weakness though, and perhaps this isn't at all the area to play.

A play around c seems even more single-purposed though: the three-space extension below needs more reinforcement than the two-point extension at the top.

-- Dieter Verhofstadt (EGF 1k)

Black to move next  

bud1027 hm...how about this? it seem to me that this moves are more flexible and wider framework for black's thickness...


ThaddeusOlczyk: What about B1, expanding the moyo and threatening 'a' at the same time.


unkx80: B1 seems to invite W2, separating B1 from the rest of the Black stones. Is it good?

Broege's choice  

Broege?: I would go for B1 - it presses White on the right side as it is places exactly on the line separating White's right from Black's top. Moreover, I seem to remember a very similar position is one of Takemiya's games - isn't it by any chance one of his games?

zinger: This area of the board also seems interesting, but I would play B1 at B3. The reasoning is tewari: if B1 at B3, then W2, B3 should be at a, not B1. Overall though, I like Dieter's idea of B1 at b or c best.


Bill: I kind of like this kakari, particularly as Black is strong on the top.

markgravitygood: I might go for the joseki in the bottom left:


B1, W2, B3, W4 and B5 looks reasonable for black, and supports the lower side. If W2 at a, then B3 at 2. If W2 at b, then the 1-point jump to c by black looks good. This part of the board seems urgent to me and my 16k level. :)

This game was part of the 21st Kisei between Cho Chikun (Black), and Kobayashi Satoru, played on 1997-02-26 & 27. The result: B+1.5

Black to move next  

Zinger got it right, but Bill (the one of 10 years ago!) cannot be called wrong, since W2 was the next move. The rest of us trail behind, since B3 next developed the moyo.

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