Secret Art of War

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The 36 Stratagems (三十六计)

Some 300 years ago, towards the end of the [ext] Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) an unknown writer published "Secret Art of War: The 36 Stratagems" writing down for the first time war stratagems which first appeared in the official history of Southern Qi about 1500 years ago.

"The 36 Stratagems" is a military classic of ancient China and has its emphasis on deception as military art. Here we discuss how those stratagems might apply to WeiQi.

You may, however, prefer to read how Ma Xiaochun 9-dan applies them in his book The Thirty-six Stratagems Applied to Go.

Stratagems when in a superior position (胜战计)

Stratagems for confrontation (敌战计)

Stratagems for attack (攻战计)

Stratagems for confused situations (混战计)

Stratagems for gaining ground (并战计)

Stratagems for desperate situations (败战计)


There are many possible links to other pages on the 36 stratagems. For example these:

I picked up a book years ago, Lure the Tiger Out of the Mountains by Gao Yuan. Business focus, not WeiQi, but an excellent book with history of each strategy.

You can find it here: [ext] ($8 when I wrote this!)

See also The Protracted Game and The Go'ing Insurrection

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