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Who am I

My true name is Stefan, I come from NRW, Germany. As a kid, I played go with my brother. We only knew the rules and had much fun with it. It *always* began at Tengen, and after that, two widly fighting, spiraling groups would fight each other. After the match we stood back to watch the beautiful picture.

Isn't that true go? To not bother about consequences too much, but have just fun?

Later, we stopped playing go.

I only begun again, because a friend of mine, will wanted to learn the rules, after I told him about the game. Or did I want him learn the rules? ☺ Forgot. After a few, if not a dozen frustrating 19x19 games for both(he never took handicap) he suddenly got "the enlightment" how to play and from that on beat me all the time :( ☺. Update: in 2011 I beat him once. Thanks will, for creating enthusiasm also in me.

I am now 5kyu at KGS. I don't know about my real rank. Last tournament I played 2:3 as a 5kyu. My EGF rating is 6kyu.

I am in the ASR-League, and learn from Guo Juans audiogolessons.

I also wrote a few haikus here, related to go.

Personal dates in my go "career"

20.8. 1st internet games as 22-24kyu
11.1. 1st tournament in Essen 3:2
29.3. 2nd tournament in Castrop-Rauxel 2:3
24.5. 3rd tournament in Köln 3:2
11.10.4th tournament in Bochum 2:3
22.11.5th tournament in Paderborn 2:3
10.7. 6th tournament in Köln 4:1
9.10. 7th tournament in Bochum 1:4
6.11. 8th tournament in Hannover 2:1
8.10. 9th tournament in Bochum 1:0
28.1. 10th tournament in Bonn 4:2
25.3. 11th tournament in Castrop-Rauxel 2:3
15.1.  1st win vs 6kyu
26.1.  900th game
19.2.  1st win vs 5kyu
06.3.  1st doubleko
09.3.  1st game with 2 seki
05.3.  1000th game
02.5.  1200th game
21.5.  1st win vs 3kyu (by mistake; even was a internet tournament game)
26.5.  12th tournament in Hamburg 3:4
27.5.  1st win vs 4kyu during internet tournament
12.6.  1300th game
16.6.  13th tournament in Köln 2:3
24.7.  place 46 of 93 in my category (iwamoto tournament)
18.4. 2nd game with 2 seki
21.4. 1400th game
30.5. 1500th game
11.7. 1600th game
04.12.1700th game
31.12.1800th game
9.1. 1st win against 1dan (he tried mirror go)
10.1.-11.1. 14th tournament in Essen 1:4
-    9 consecutive wins
28.1. won with 120.5 points
27.1. op resigned after move 28
25.1. 1900th game
4.2.  3rd game with 2nd seki
11.2. my best moves so far? Game against Nekros, moves 250+252
26.2. my first bathtube game
28.2. 2000th game
6.3. first game where I got a single group... at least with 5 tones handicap
12.6. won with 186.5 points... although the opponent left during counting ^^
10.10.-11.10. 15th tournament in Bochum 2:3
14.10. 2100th game
26.-30.12. 16th tournament in Overasselt
30.3. 2200th game in Mexico
15.5. 2300th game
15.-16.1. 17th tournament in Essen 2:2
24.1. 2400th game (+33 for january)
4.2.  Shortest game: W+R after 128 seconds (51 moves)
12.2. tournament in Bochum 4:4 (1st blitz)
15.2. 2500th game
26.-17.2. 18th tournament in Bonn 2:2
08.-9.10. 19th tournament in Bochum 2:2
11.10. 2600th game
12.-13.10. 20th tournament in Bochum 2:3
02.10. 2700th game (+1)
11.11. 2800th game
16.12. 2900th game (+3)
26.2. 3000th game (+1)
21.3. 3100th game (+9)
15.6. 3200th game
15.-16.08. 21 tournament in Köln 2:3
25.7. 3300th game (+3)
06.9. 3400th game (+2)
2016 -2020 Between Feb 2016 and May 2020 no Go
2020 Starting again:
08.7. 3500th game (+4)
23.7. 3600th game (+1)

21 tournaments 99 games (+1 internet tournament - 8 games, +1 blitz tournament - 8 games)

My Rating

own Rating 5Kyu
KGS Rating 5Kyu
EGF Rating 6kyu (1460)
DGOB R.    6Kyu (1505)
Eur #3113 (-80)
Ger #601  (+11)
Gostyle Web App: 7k ± 2.63

My Tournaments

My tournaments: [ext]

Tactical Notepad of Progression

Tokee's Notepad of Progression

/Tactical Notepad of Progression

Go links

"Your Go style is flexible: you can play for territory as well as for influence. Usually you make such decisions according to the whole-board situation or the playing style of your opponent. You may force him to choose the strategy he hates. For example, if he likes moyos, you can play for influence yourself, just for making him angry. Your Go style is actually the best one. You may improve your Go by studying different things, but I suggest paying attention on yose and positional judgment."

[ext] Test your own style too (20kyu or better) [ext] Tsumego [ext] Let an app analyze your style (KGS/.SFG)

Useful/interesting links:

Life and Death
Problems and Exercises
Go in extreme places
Fun Go Facts
[ext] European Go Page for Kids
[ext] Top20EuropeanPlayers
[ext] ~50k professiional games
[ext] Tony Atkins Go Trivia
[ext] KGS analysing
[ext] Reviews of your online games; Go Teaching Ladder
[ext] Beginners in Go; interactive way to Go
[ext] Beginners in Go; the fun way to learn Go
[ext] Problems to improve on gochild
[ext] Weiqiok:A huge Go page
[ext] Huge linklist by Singapore Weiqi Association

Principles & Techniques

[ext] Shape Sense: Saijo Masataka 8p
[ext] Innocent Warriors: Saijo Masataka 8p
[ext] 361 points techniques & strategies
[ext] 5 tips on unexpected moves
[ext] Strategy: thinking big
[ext] Technique: eternal life
[ext] Technique: induction
[ext] Technique: how to deal with 5-4-openings
[ext] Kaku Takagawa - Joseki im Mittelspiel (german, pdf)
[ext] Professionals: around 60 commented games

Principles for becoming better

[ext] Shygost's list
[ext] David Ward's Top Ten Tips for getting stronger (ppt)
BenjaminTeuber / Guide To Become Strong
[ext] Becoming shodan is easy (maybe)
[ext] Dieter Verhofstadt´s ideas on Improvement
[ext] David Mechner´s How to improve at Go
Teach Yourself Go

Youtube Channels

[ext] weiqimaster [ext] LGDArchive [ext] gocommentary [ext] baduktv [ext] go9dan [ext] Jon Hop [ext] Joshua Lee [ext] dwyrin 5d [ext] BadukChannelAmerica [ext] Nick Sibicky 4d [ext] Haylee L 3p [ext] Songbirdo [ext] Shawn Ray [ext] sundaygolessons [ext] Andrew Jackson [ext] gogameguru [ext] Lightvolty [ext] littlelambgo [ext] Adrian Petrescu 1d [ext] badukmovies [ext] Yunxuan Li 7d [ext] Christopher Rodgers [ext] The Nova League [ext] Online Go [ext] Sydney Go Club [ext] cinemabaroque [ext] Baduk TV (korean) [ext] Jonathan Markowitz 5d [ext] gocommentary

Video Reviews

[ext] Greatest Games Ever Played #1 Go Seigen 9p vs Fujisawa Kuranosuke 9p; gocommentary
[ext] Greatest Games Ever Played #2 Nie Weiping 9p vs Fujisawa Shuko 9p; gocommentary
[ext] Greatest Games Ever Played #3 Luo Xihe 9p vs Choi Cheolhan 9p; gocommentary
[ext] Kim Jisuk 8p vs Park Jeonghwan 9p; 8th korea price information cup; Baduk TV
[ext] Won sungjin 9p vs Park Jungwhan 9p; 8th korea price information cup; Baduk TV
[ext] Lee Sedol 9p vs Park Younghoon 9p; GS final; Choi Dong Eun; Baduk TV
[ext] Tanxiao vs Wonsungjin; chinese league; Choi Dong Eun; Baduk TV
[ext] Lee Changho 9p vs Cho Hunhyun 9p 6th LG Cup Semi-Final 2002; Hua Yi Gang 8p
[ext] Lee Sedol vs Jiang Hsu; Samsung Cup; John J. Lee
[ext] Lee Sedol vs Park Jhwan; Kuksu; John J. Lee
[ext] Kim Jisuk 8p vs Ahn Sung Joon 3p; Price Information Cup Title Match; John J. Lee
[ext] Gu Li 9p vs Kim Ji Seok 7p; 15th Samsung Cup; gocommentary
[ext] Lee Se-dol vs Gu Li - 2009 Fenghuang cup; Lee Ha-jin 3p
[ext] Review of his own tournament game; Leksand; Catalin Taranu 5p
[ext] Review of 6d vs 5d; Guo Juan 5p
[ext] Review of 3d vs 6d; Yoon Young Sun 5p
[ext] Review of Dan players; Lee Hajin 3p
[ext] Review of 6k vs 6k; Jon Hop 3d
[ext] strengths unknown; Pandanet 2010; Yuanbo Liu 2p

Video Lectures

[ext] Advanced Yose 5k-2d; Joshua Lee 5d
[ext] Common Tesuji; Joshua Lee 5d
[ext] Attacking weak stones; Joshua Lee 5d
[ext] Counting Territory; Joshua Lee 5d
[ext] How to Study Professional Go Games; Josh Allen 5d
[ext] What to do in Mid-Game; Josh Allen 5d
[ext] Sanrensei Opening; Josh Allen 5d
[ext] Shoulder Hits; Josh Allen 5d
[ext] Influence Rules; Josh Allen 5d
[ext] Another Lecture on simple moves; Josh Allen 5d
[ext] Influence/invasion review; Josh Allen 5d
[ext] Largest move; Josh Allen 5d
[ext] Invasions; Nick Sibicky
[ext] Using Thickness; Nick Sibicky
[ext] Monkey Jump & Double Hane; Nick Sibicky
[ext] Attachments; Nick Sibicky
[ext] Entering the Middle game; Nick Sibicky
[ext] Fuseki; Nick Sibicky
[ext] Opening; Villach 2007; Guo Juan 5p
[ext] Single Digit Kyu Workshop; Villach 2007; Yoon Young-sun 5p
[ext] Double Digit Kyu Workshop; Villach 2007; Kang Seung-hee 2p
[ext] Double Digit Kyu Workshop; Villach 2007; Guo Juan 5p
[ext] Opening Tips For Beginners; BadukchannelAmerika
[ext] Tutorial for Rules; Goshawk Heron


[ext] Fujisawa Hideyuki (Fujisawa Shuko)
[ext] The Surrounding Game Extended Trailer
[ext] Hikaru no GO - Boom in Japan 2006

Commented games (for my study, top is newest)

  • ruestyle-Tokee [ext] Download (reviewed by ruestyle 5d) 2013
  • shygost-Tokee [ext] Download (reviewed by shygost 6d) 2010
  • shygost-Tokee [ext] Download (reviewed by shygost 6d) 2009
  • Florian-Tokee (3handi) [ext] Download (reviewed by Florian 1k) 2007
  • Hikarujr-Tokee [ext] Download (reviewed by Starstreak 1k) 2007

funny or interesting games:

  • Tokee-shifty803 [ext] download (making a horrible game more horrible, connecting dead groups, winning by 0.5) 2011
  • Tokee-Nekros [ext] download (moves 250+252) 2009
  • fj-Tokee [ext] download (15k back then) 2002

People who might help you on KGS

Zwarn       5D
frozensoul? 3D
MadKongo?   3D
Ameise?     3D
Finn?       3D
DarkIBlade? 2D
Ljys?       2D
IvoSF?      2D
Sarafsa?    2D
Florian?    1D
yunYuki?    1D
Coreon     1k
impulse     1k
Tokee       3k; that´s me
tokei?      8k
But don´t take a review, etc. for granted; also note that some might not speak english, but only german or dutch.
Some want especially to help beginners, also. etc.; you get the picture. You should friendly ask.


[ext] KGS teachers
[ext] other teachers

Playing one-colour-go on KGS

1-color-go on KGS:
The stronger player creates a Teaching Game & takes W ......
B can 1st play a stone as normal ......
W now uses teaching mode (CTRL-T) ......
W - while pressing CTRL + Shift - clicks on board to change color ......
W now releases CTRL + Shift, waits a second & can now place a Black stone ......
W passes control back to B (CTRL-G) ......
B should do the same as above, now cycle ......
Capture stones: Edit Tool
3rd person useful (to make a note of all moves played and tell you if a stone is dead if none of you have pointed it out)
Above is for all stones on BLACK. To use WHITE stones, the weaker player creates a game and passes the first move.
Player who I played so far: darkronin
Will make a list somewhen and maybe the players want to play you, too.
Remember to play fair and friendly and don´t get upset if your opponent is of some very other opinion where the stones are!

KGS quotes

PaperTiger? : Neat, 3 wild turkeys walking down the road and gobbling
wr : which road?
RoundTuit? : ...and what were they gobbling?
PaperTiger? : The road I live on.  Sorry about the second question, I don't speak Turkish
RoundTuit? : ?

Tokee (5k): The Cornel seems younger now
areal (3k): small version of Cornel ^^
Muttley (2k): it's Minime
Tyro82 (2k?): It's his daughter.
gaarg (1k): already looks at least 2d
Muttley (2k): She is thinking about a tesuji .....
eejanaika (6k): nice blue eyes
Mystical (1d): as expected of cornel's daughter
Muttley (2k): apparently she is very good at making placements in her nappies, like most babies
Muttley (2k): so she has a great future in go
fab (-): I was telling me that this game lacked stpuid kyu comments ^^

Important go players

(at the moment outdated)


  • Lee Sedol 9p, *'83 // style: aggressive, risk taking
  • Lee Changho 9p, *'75 // style: superior calculating ability, peaceful, defensive, emotionless
  • Cho Hun-hyeon 9p, *'53 // style: muttering to himself; graceful, lightful; with own defects: ultra aggressive & complicated
  • Yoo Changhyuk 9p, *'66 // style: playing for influence, thickness & attacking, converting attacking positions to advantage in endgame
  • Pak Yeong-hun 9p, *'85
  • Rui Naiwei, 9p, *'63, origin: china


  • Kobayashi Koichi 9p, *'52
  • Yamashita Keigo 9p, *'78
  • Hane Naoki 9p, *'76 // style: thick and slow
  • Yoda Norimoto 9p, *'66 // style: slams go stones onto the board, breaking them into pieces to unnerve opponent, hates being attacked, doesn't flee (lives/sacrifices)
  • Ishida Yoshio 9p, *'48 // style: known as the computer, for the accuracy of his endgame play and counting skills
  • Takemiya Masaki 9p, *'51 // style: became famous for his 'cosmic style' of play - focusing on the construction of large moyos and taking territory in the centre
  • Otake Hideo 9p, honorary Gosei, *'42
  • Rin Kaiho 9p, honorary Tengen, origin: china, *'42
  • O Rissei 9p, origin: taiwan, *'58
  • O Meien 9p, origin: taiwan, *'61 // style: interesting style based on quick development in fuseki and on use of influence; very determined fighter, with plenty of kiai
  • Cho U 9p, origin: taiwan, *'80 // style: territory-oriented, weak groups 'charmed': they don't die; extremely deep reading; specialty: creating very difficult tsumego
  • Cho Chikun 9p, honorary 25th Honinbo, origin: korea, *'56 // When asked by Dutch television why he liked go so much, Cho Chikun replied: "I hate go."
  • Yuki Satoshi 9p, *'72
  • Takao Shinji 9p, *'76 // thick style
  • Kobayashi Satoru 9p, *'59
  • Yukari Umezawa 5p, *'73 // credited for technical advice for Hikaru no Go
  • Honinbo Shusaku +1862 // known for being undefeated in all of his nineteen castle games, and for the Shusaku fuseki, which still remains popular
  • Honinbo Shusai +1940
  • Kitani Minoru 9p, +1975 // innovator of fuseki and joseki, creator of numerous joseki
  • Kato Masao 9p, +2004 // style: attacking play
  • Sakata Eio 9p, +2010


  • Ma Xiaochun 9p, *'64
  • Gu Li 9p, *'82 // style: aggressive and combative, where he immediately goes for the kill but is also known for great invading skills
  • Nie Weiping 9p, *'52
  • Jiang Mingjiu 7p, *'57 mingjiu
  • Go Seigen, *'14 // considered one of the strongest players of the Twentieth Century and, by many, one of the strongest players of all time
  • Xie He 7p, *'84
  • Luo Xihe 9p, *'77

A few prominent western players:

Tableau of Western Pros

(Real westerners and people who belong originally to an ASIAN Organization)

Name Nationality rank Elo Server Nickname Asian Trivia, Style
Joanne Missingham Australia/Taiwan 6 dan (2012)
*An Younggil Australia 8 dan KGS Younggil yes
Manfred Wimmer Austria 2 dan (1978) deceased, invented "Wimmer- Joseki"
* Xiaoren He Canada 5 dan yes
* Cathy Li Canada 1 dan yes
Ryan Li Canada 1 dan 2015
Gansheng Shi Canada 1 dan 2015
* Fan Hui France 3 dan KGS fanhui yes
Hans Pietsch Germany 6 dan (2003) deceased, [ext] Hans-Pietsch-Memorial
* Kang Seung-hee Germany 2 dan yes
* Yun Yeong-seon Germany 5 dan KGS YSYoon yes
*Diana Koszegi Hungary 1 dan KGS zsi yes
Ali Jabarin Israel 1 dan 2014
* Guo Juan Netherlands 5dan KGS guojuan yes
Mateusz Surma Poland 1 dan 2015
* Catalin Taranu Romania 5 dan (2001) KGS TaranuC yes
*Alexandre Dinerchtein Russia 3 dan (2008) KGS breakfast yes
Ilya Shikshin Russia 1 dan 2015 KGS roln111
*Svetlana Shikshina Russia 3 dan (2008) KGS redrose yes
Pavol Lisy Slovakia 1 dan 2014
Mariya Zakharchenko Ukraine 1 dan
* Jimmy Cha USA 4 dan yes
* Liping Huang USA 4 dan yes
* Mingjiu Jiang USA 7 dan yes
*James Kerwin USA 1 dan KGS farmboy yes
*Janice Kim USA 3 dan (2003) yes
Francis Meyer USA 1 dan
Andy Liu USA 1 dan 2015
Michael Redmond USA 9 dan (2000)
* Jennie Shen USA 2 dan yes
Calvin Sun USA 1 dan 2015
* Myung Wan Kim USA 9 dan yes
* Lin Xuefen USA 1 dan yes
* Yilun Yang USA 7 dan yes
* Huiren Yang USA 1 dan yes
* Feng Yun USA 9 dan yes
  • Asian = professional players residing outside the countries that have domestic professional organisations (China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan)

Big Titles in go





/The most interesting Life-and-death-Problem (work in progress)

Pages I created so far

German Championship Women
German Team Go


/Tokees Art and Fun Page

Critique & Suggestions

Please comment, especially on my go humor. You may also ask questions.

Guest Book

I am happy about entries; leave me a greeting. :)

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