Go Haiku

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This page holds haiku.
For other poetry forms,
Please visit this page.

A page to compose
haiku in homage to go
begun by Scartol.
(For those who don't know,
A haiku is a poem
in five - seven - five.)
To be technical,
haiku is about nature.
This is senryu.

Awe at this beauty.
Thank you, Scartol, for the start.
What clever poems!
It's two languages;
"sen-ry-u" could be "sen-ryu" --
or "se-n-ryu-u".
Even "ha-i-ku"!
So, much like "poem", we can play
with our syllables.

A high kyu player,
Hesitant to comment on
Games, writes poetry.
Were I a stronger
Player, I would play instead
Of entertaining.
New players: take care
When first playing Go online -
IGS addicts.
Anti-haiku about Go
Mirror the subtle
Intricacies of the game.


Our words show our love
Love for go breeds devotion
Devotion breeds skill

-- Scartol

Winter frost outside
Frozen fingers click the mouse
Playing Go on-line


Japanese syllables are shorter than Engish syllables, and carry less information. So the 5-7-5 form in English is not as terse as in Japanese. For Haiku in English, I think 3-4-3 is better.


Before dying,

-- Bill Spight

So I mixed languages. So sue me. (Japanese-Jewish restaurant: Sosumi.)

suji sleeps on dry
goban--now the dragon wakes
and looks for a meal

-- Nonny

a lesson in life
exposes images of
death in black and white
attacker becomes
involved in capture, ends up
victim of trap sprung
arrangement of stones
evolve in patterns that please
the eye and the mind
the framework is set
the blueprints detailed with care
the earthquake destroys
bite off too much and
your belly will explode leaving
guts exposed, naked
truth seeks a balance
fifty-one percent is all
you need to conquer
-- BenShoemaker

Need to do laundry
I really should walk my dog
Oh, just one more game...

-- Scartol

(A game, briefly)

Fuseki chuban
moyo invasion yose
filling in dame

(Something all beginners are familiar with)

The agony of being
One liberty short

(I like Bill Spight's thought, though. Much more of a challenge that way. Let's try: )

Have sente?
Make the big play:

-- KarlKnechtel

1. My foe placed a stone,
   He is attacking that group.
   Outcome is futile.
2. I've read that move wrong.
   Preparation for the left (side of board).
   Can I defend it?
3. He controls this game,
   We have both read to the end.
   I must now resign.
4. Go is very fun.
   Was made in early China.
   You should try it soon.
5. Beautiful Go Stones
   Are shimmering black and white,
   Contains heart and mind.


Andrew Grant

Sometimes you can win.
Mostly you just get beat up.
That's what go is like.
Nine stones on the board.
My opponent is a pro.
Might as well resign.
All beginners think
Go is about taking stones
This is why they lose.

Benjamin Geiger:

Who needs slate and shell?
Plywood and some bits of glass
Work just fine for me.

Oriental game,
Oriental poetry.
It's a perfect match.

And a SL double meta-haiku:

Don't use fixed-width fonts
When you typeset poetry.
It just looks like crap.
Triple percent signs
Work just like the BR tag:
"Start a new line here."

And some more:

Countless small, dead groups
Rise and call out this warning:
"Don't play go when drunk"

Unlike chessplayers
Players of go seem to be
Few and far between

Go is for dreamers
Chess is for the earth-bound types
Which, pray tell, are you?

'Tis far better to
Dip your fingers in coffee
Than to drink the stones
(shamelessly stolen from Humour Almost Proverbs)

-- Benjamin Geiger

Up all night banging
My head on Hatsuyoron.
At last the dawn comes.

In a running fight
I need to take territory
But do I have time?

Elwyn Berlekamp
Proves go theorems


An homage to my second over-the-board game:

Even with nine stones
I still lost by just over
One hundred moku

-- Benjamin Geiger

Playing dartboard go
Ain't no thickness in stones here
Just thickness of skull

Games neverending
Seeking enlightenment but
The light bulb's still off

"I'm not a number!"
Says I, but to KGS
I'm "22k?"

Trying Bill Spight's style:

Weak spot there.
Will he see it?
Damn, he did.

-- Benjamin Geiger

Sandbagging is fun,
But lest you make enemies,
Do it on Yahoo.

All were joseki%%% Why did I lose so badly?
Direction of play.
(Alternate last line: "Kajiwara laughs." or even "Ishi no Hoko.")

-- Reinhardt

A small mistake means
Very bad consequences.
But, such is the game.

-- Benjamin Geiger

Life's complexities
Magnified and reflected.
Black and white mirrors.

-- Scryer

"Too bad," says sensei
"Your corner stones were quite dead."
"Ten years," says the judge.

-- Blake

2003.03.05 - A Haiku
Each stone, all alone,
A goban unto itself.
There is but one game.

2003.03.19 - Another Haiku
With every move,
I see myself in the stones.
Each game, mirror go.

-- Remillard

Tobi or nobi?
What did Shakespear know of go?
That is the question.


What is the best thing?
To balance on the knife edge
Between life and death.


KGS Players

Taken from the KGS User Data of tartrate:

Tartrate fans haiku:

Stones on the surface
above a vast, unseen sea.
Each move hides fathoms.
-- Mirulent (Reinhardt)

I could beat tartrate
with my eyes closed and hands tied
Just don't feel like it
-- Omoi (funny guy!)

killing nakade
acid rain in the springtime
what is the difference?
-- Zahlman

some zolpidem with
tartrate placed chamomile
flower sleep hour
-- jezork (smart!)

tartrate, bending space
beat Zend at 9 handicap
oh, why can't we watch?
-- mattn

Who is this tartrate?
We know not, yet this we do:
He is not Sai. Sigh!
-- Discipline

Tartrate played seven games
Five resigns, two by twenty
Are we all drunk yet?
-- Noface

honinbo matches
can be found in magazines
not captain's games ^^


Time measured by stones
Black and white walk fields of life
Death a sacrifice

Slate and shells on wood
Breath of human thoughts and minds
Puzzles without end

Strength and weakness
Learning and understanding
Metaphor in shape

-- Mtv

Yet another loss...
Thirty-first kyu. Tonight I
Make my own fugu.

-- Benjamin Geiger

In the style is the original japanese Haiku with an introduction, a development and a conclusion clearly separated, here is my contribution (the story of my life) :

  My girlfriend leaved me.
  My opponent'group is dead.
  This is a big win.

-- karmaGfa

black and white curling
smoke and shadow over wood
subtle and profound


Black stones lie bleeding
through faults not of their making;
kaya in the fall.


Kageyama's right,
I have reached a barrier,
Will I get stronger?

I am doomed it seems,
Never advancing in rank,
Always an 8 kyu

Internet games, lots,
But always I stay 8 kyu.
Nothing more for now.

Will reading books help?
Memorizing joseki?
I struggle forward.


I had a won game
When the bloody netlag came
Ruining my life down

                  -- tasuki

Tension over right corner
Winner takes all
He resigned

Why didn't i defend?
All is gone now

                  -- jraitsev

Any moron can
Write haiku. Just stop at the
Seventeenth sylla

The void
A rimple
The game begins

                  -- Jing

slate and shell and wood
infinity projected
into finite minds


quivering today
quivering today, give up
Eyes are quite hazy
long I have worked
To end in a great defeat
The man who was beat
Broken his heart lay
Taken Slayed by the dragon
In a single move
His passion is gone
His only ever passion
Never again play


My group has one eye!
Weeping with great sorrow
I see it is doomed
My gigantic group
Is fifty stones large or more
Yet has but one eye
Snarling with my rage
I play an ancient tesuji,
It's called "Nuclear"
I laugh loud with glee
As I see my opponent
Hit square on the chin
Be warned: let me win
Or in my rage, you also
Shall see the board fly


Approach too quickly
My enemy alerted
We fight now for blood


High Kyu IQ Haiku

Inability to
Count territory
Or syllables


High Q

lost three times last night
but shimmering Yunzi stones
a delight to play

--Bonobo (Interesting to see ilans haiku title (see one over this) so mine above which I used yesterday on r/baduk was not that creative )

Cold tea

Game is over
My cold tea has
A bitter taste

-- HET

mouseclick on goban
achieving an art of shape
a second seki
Waya eats mango,
his opponent played dango;
dangerous tango.
I said to Sango:
Thus play not with that dan go,
play with that mango.
sip my drink at night
watching go, someone plays cap
- aji on the rocks
pachi* *clack* *pachi*
stones they put, some took, stern look,
- definitely baduk!
wei qi with homie,
will win with my six komi
- oh shit, byoyomi!
a crane steps past the window
sensei yells: focus!!
the politicians:
people that try to cap us
to gain influence.

and now, a 1-3-1:

win by one

-- Tokee

Go and Become!

One odd encounter.
Yet I dare not banter of.
As I go to be.



3-4-3 haiku

Learn it and lose
Two stones strength

Hikaru no Go

does not play with

Akira waits
One more year

They meet again
On the board


To write and read
Wiki way

Open for all
To contribute
About Go


Don't fear ko
When you lose it
Gain something


Such big group --
Cannot be killed%%% Mine was, though.


Fear of my eyeless
I become such a lifeless
Fight the KO%%%

-- KoKs


Haikus are easy,
but some of them don't make sense.

-- Freedom23

I'm playing online Twenty-Five minutes each - UGH He used all of them

(I play too fast sometimes) -- (nadoss)

"9k Memories"

No, don't split my group!
Why did I play this pincer?!
Back to DDK...


Dead group on the board --
A murder, its eyes gouged out.
I was the killer.

"Correct Komi"

To work out komi,
I played White against Ke Jie --
500 is best.

"The Correspondence Caverns of OGS"

Exciting, unknown!
The Correspondence Caverns,
where the 9 dans are.

"Comfy Review"

AlphaGo Review:
Michael and Chris drinking port,
Choco tangled up.

"Late Night OGS"

Spectating online,
at 2AM I close my eyes.
*OGS stone sounds*

Added a 3-4-3 form going off Bill's idea:


My moyo:
stark and lifeless.
It's perfect.

-- bugcat


Like a joseki,
haiku has been standardised.
But sometimes you should break the rules.

Black to White White to Black Across the board the Stones go Clack. hesq.

See also

[ext] Some Senryu about Go
a page on Kiseido

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